Why There Is No Travel Ban-Obama Won’t Let Ebola Get in the Way of His Open Border Agenda

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On Thursday, October 23, 2014, a new person with Ebola emerged in the US’s largest city of New York. Self-monitoring his temperature, yet not staying away from other people, Dr. Craig Spencer  was running around New York City the night before spiking a fever, creating fears among millions of residents and causing healthcare officials to trace his possible contacts while at a bowling alley, on a Uber taxi, a subway and a restaurant.

People in New York were forced to wonder if they came in contact with the doctor at a bowling alley, where he ate, or on the subway. The medical community was forced…

PictureBiohazard Teams Enter the Bowling Alley “Gutter” to Sanitize it from Ebola

… to run around town trying to trace everybody that he came in contact with and disinfect the buildings.  The bowling alley has been shut down, is using a disinfectant fogging machine to try to sanitize the place, while having to clean out EVERY finger hole in EVERY bowling ball.

I’m sure they’re happy about how much that is costing them. A coffee shop has workers with latex gloves scrubbing down the place. People in subways aren’t touching the poles, while some are wearing latex gloves.

A neighbor living in the doctor’s building thinks that the whole building should be quarantined.

An extraordinary number of Bellevue Hospital staffers where the Ebola patient was sent, called in sick on Friday rather than treat the city’s first Ebola patient — and those who showed up were terrified to enter his isolation chamber.

One nurse even went as far as to pretend she was having a stroke to get out of working.

And all of this was an unnecessary waste of time and worry – if a travel ban had been enacted , as Americans have been calling for now for weeks.

Additionally, there has been no concrete information on exactly how this virus is spread.

In light of the first Ebola case, Dr. Craig Spencer,  arriving to the largest city in the US, one would think that the President would address this issue and maybe reconsider his screening measures, shown to fail in just two days after implementation.

But no, he doesn’t speak to the American people regarding the doctor, who following the existing CDC protocols, still contracted Ebola. He did not appear before the American people to assure them that the protocols in place are working – because they aren’t, so he can’t speak to us, or the press.

The problem is, it doesn’t fit in with Obama’s open border agenda.

What he does do, is take a picture with the nurse that caught Ebola and was cured, allowing NO PRESS in to take questions. 

Ron Klain, the new Ebola czar, was also SILENT and missing in action.

Congress convened to address the Ebola screening protocol situation the next day after the new Ebola patient was discovered, invited the Ebola czar, but he did not attend.

Mark Levin on his 10/24/14 radio show said:

“All we see is Obama hugging the nurse. The press wasn’t allowed in to ask questions.   The new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, is missing in action. He doesn’t say anything about the new case in the most populated city in the US.”  He doesn’t show up to the Congressional hearings the next day on Ebola.

WHen exactly is a person infectious? Is it the exact minute that they spike a fever? Some doctors say that a fever is not present in some Ebola patients. Then when would they become contagious?

“This guy that has Ebola, went to a bowling alley, out to eat, took a Uber cab and rode the subway. Should we be concerned that he might have been contagious and if so, how would that manifest? Would his sweaty hands leave secretions in bowling balls for several hours, would the eating utensils he put in his mouth, handles by food servers, be contagious?

Perhaps he sneezed and covered his mouth and put that mucous on his hand on the pole in the subway. Maybe he went to the restroom and didn’t wash his hands, those fluids got on the money he gave to the Uber driver.

These are all reasonable questions that we can’t seem to get reasonable answers to.”

The World Health Organization states that:

” The patients become contagious once they begin to show symptoms. Sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat are typical signs and symptoms.”  -World Health Organization


But WAIT! The doctor said that the TWO DAYS BEFORE (Tuesday) he spiked a fever, he felt very tired . But then on Wednesday, he ran all over the city, into the night. Early Thursday morning, he spiked a fever and then called the hospital.

Is “feeling very tired”  not one of the symptoms that indicates when a person becomes contagious – analgous to intense weakness? Who’s to know exactly at what point between him feeling tired on Tuesday, to spiking a fever early Thursday morning, that he became contagious?

Mark Levin weighs in. “What we do get is this: A doctor, Richard Besser, ABC News Chief and Health Director on Good Morning America says , who in this clip, is talking gibberish, who sounds like a moron, because he is defending an indefensible position.

Ask yourself this question while you listen –  how did we reach this point where they are embarrassing themselves, and they don’t give a damn?

Audio Clip:  Reporter asks: We get a lot of questions about the fact that this doctor was in Africa, and then came back and has Ebola here. How do you address the concerns of people, about the border?

Dr. Besser:  Some people are saying, “This is proof we should close our border. I think it’s proof of the opposite. It’s proof of that until we knock this out of West Africa, we’re going to see more disease here, and we have to have more Dr. Spencers helping out over there.”

This doesn’t even make any sense. He’s spinning to the point that he sounds like an idiot. Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York goes on to say, ” casual contact cannot lead to acquiring this disease. ”

What does that mean-casual contact? Does it mean if you don’t “make love’ to the person you won’t get it, if you don’t exchange spit with the person, you won’t get the disease? What does this mean- CASUAL CONTACT?

It’s very nebulous…What kind of contact are we talking about? If coming into contact with someone’s saliva or fecal matter, I mean you can come into contact with that if you use a public restroom or an office building- that’s casual contact.

Or is somebody sneezes and they don’t wash their hands and they touch the grocery cart and then you go there and touch the grocery cart and you rub your nose – that’s casual contact, isn’t it?

These people are lying. They’re putting up comments, they’re talking in generalities.

According to the CDC website, casual contact is differentiated from direct contact, which has a low risk of infection. Low risk is defined as some risk. Confused yet? 

“Close contact is defined as

    1. being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) of an EVD patient or within the patient’s room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., health care personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., standard, droplet, and contact precautions; see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations)
    2. having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD patient while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment.”

This is why our military is being told to not get any closer than 3 feet to any local person. So, if any person who has Ebola is out in public, and you shake their hand, or even get within 3 feet of them – you have a chance of getting it. No one seems to know what that chance is, but there it is.

Mark Levin goes on to say, “I pointed this out from day one,

“,,,they don’t want to secure the border because, politically, they are fundamentally transforming America, and they’re not going to let a little thing like  EBOLA get in the way of it! 
Or tuberculosis, or a thousand other diseases!”

illegal gang membersGang members are coming over the border

“They’re on a mission to overwhelm our society, overwhelm our political system, and put an end to it. And replace it with their form of tyranny, which they sell as utopia.


But it’s interesting to see…the full extent to which this media defends this irrational position. They are completely “in the tank”. The doctors on the TV and in the government are “in the tank”. The TV anchors, the hosts, the commentators, the guests – completely “in the tank” for the Obama left-wing agenda.

This is how dangerous the left is. Whether it’s Ebola, terrorism, mass murdering drug cartel criminals – they will not secure the border! No matter how much misery it causes. Because they have an agenda, and in this way they are no different than the other tyrants, putting their agenda no matter how much misery they cause.

Because the people leading this charge don’t suffer from what they do. Increased  prices and debt don’t mean anything to them.

They don’t live on the border.. Their children don’t have to go to the schools where there’s illegal aliens and you don’t know if they have TB.

They can impose a school lunch that is outrageous, but they don’t send their kids to public schools. They are unaffected. ”

Dr. Ben Carson said on Fox news on October 25th, “I have been stating for weeks that it’s a mistake to bring this disease to the US under any circumstances. The reason is not because we don’t have excellent resources. It’s because of human error. 

So when your dealing with something this dangerous, why expose the population to it? Other countries have bans in place. A travel ban wouldn’t be permanent. We need to plan for a worst case scenario and we need to get the resources in W. Africa to stop it. If it spreads into the Middle East, where they have hygiene issues, the spread could be very rapid. 

On the new Ebola Czar, Carson says, “First, a “Czar” who answers to no one, is unconstitutional. We have excellent people at the CDC and the Secretary of Health who should be running this. But, we need to preclude potentially horrible things that could happen here, under a worst case scenario. We need to put a travel ban on.  

But we are always a dollar short and a day late. Why can’t we be out in front of things? We have people who are intransigent, who won’t admit they have been wrong, in order to change and fix things. This is not what works in anything.”

As the President is “checked out” and won’t even address the Ebola problem.

The problem is, it doesn’t fit in with Obama’s open border agenda.

Two states have had to forget about government and CDC guidance, and have stepped up and enacted new quarantine measures.

Both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday they are ordering a mandatory, 21-day quarantine for all doctors and travelers who have had contact with Ebola victims in the ravaged countries of West Africa. But what about the other states?

What about all the other people that are infected with Ebola who will be trying to come to the US to get treatment? They will lie on their travel questionnaire, perhaps get violently sick while on the plane, exposing dozens around them. Or they will take an Ibuprofen to suppress any fever before disembarking. They will get in the US.

Having PLENTY of time to travel after being exposed, as the symptoms do not show up for up to 21 days, what will prevent them from getting into the United States and wreaking more havoc here?

What about THOSE PEOPLE?

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.