Healthcare Workers Should be Quarantined Upon Return for the Safety of Americans

Ebola - Public Domain
Why are we even having this discussion? Why do the American people have to FIGHT to get a little common sense protection from this President. Every turn he takes, hurts us, over and over and over.

The President made a press announcement today on the subject of Ebola, which was appalling. He lectured us in generalities, gave us no facts, and answered only one question very, very badly. His main theme was all about respecting healthcare workers, not about science, not about contagiousness, but just in generalities.

 Quarantine is a common sense measure to make sure we don’t create an epidemic in our own country.
It’s grounded in science, which says that the virus has a 21 day incubation period

Here is a quote of what the President said in a nutshell:

President: “We need to support the healthcare workers so that they continue to go to Africa to help out. I am going to make sure every policy is in place to make THEM safe. We don’t want to put a barrier on THEM.”

The ONE question he allowed to be asked, was to explain what he thought about the discrepancy between the military’s 21-day quarantine policy with the “no quarantine” policy he is advocating.

President:  “The military is different because they are not treating patients, so we don’t expect to have similar rules for them.”

But, the military has more stringent rules and they aren’t being exposed to treating patients, like the healthcare workers. So shouldn’t the healthcare workers have more strict quarantine policies than the military?  I mean, following his logic, that is what you have to conclude.

Rush Limbaugh said today, “You know, I joked yesterday we needed to quarantine Governor Christie.

  “It turns out actually we need to quarantine Barack Obama.  And apparently the Ebola czar is already in quarantine ’cause we can’t find the guy, Ron Klain.”

 Although did you tell me there was a rumored sighting of the Ebola czar yesterday?”

Mark Levin said on his 10/27/13 radio show,

“There’s a lot of people here, babies, children, elderly, just a lot of people here, who don’t want to catch whatever you might be bringing back. It seems to me that if you want to go over there voluntarily, that when you come back, you should be quarantined. The issue isn’t YOU, the issue is WE.

The nurse is a left wing democrat and works for the CDC. So what does all this mean? ”

“It means that this President is not looking out for the welfare of the American people” – Mark Levin

“He’s so drenched in ideology, that he can’t help it…or he doesn’t care.

You’ve got liberal governors and the military saying, if people are coming back from these zones, of course we should quarantine them for 3 short weeks, just to make sure we don’t create an epidemic in our own country.

Barack Obama cannot guarantee that there will be no epidemic. Neither can the CDC. Neither can anybody. I’m not saying there’s going to be, but if you’re a rational society, with a rational government,
with a rational president, with rational federal scientists, you don’t want to entertain the possiblities, as distant as it may be. 

Obama doesn’t conduct himself that way now, does he? The science, they tell us, the science. I assumed the army and the governors looked at the science.

If you look at the science and create rational, common sense decisions, protecting the society, from a Doctor Without Borders or from a presidential directive sending our military into a Hotzone, it seems to me quarantine is the answer.

Now we have the spokes-idiot for Obama, Josh Earnest at the White House. And of course he knows nothing about anything.”

Earnest speaks: ” …what we hope and we think has been true in the vast majority of circumstances, is that these kinds of policy decisions should be driven by science. And there is a body of scientific work out there that helps us understand what kind of risk we face…”

Levin: “No , it doesn’t tell you exactly what kind of risk we face. That’s an absurdity! The science tells you about the disease, how you get it perhaps, how you pass it perhaps, but it doesn’t tell a society what kind of risk it faces. You have epidemics in three countries. You have the countries bordering those countries essentially sealing their borders. You have people from those countries coming here, you have people from this country going there and coming back here…In any event, why would you import a disease?”

“Why would you import a potential for an epidemic?  Why can’t people wait 21 days?”

“If you voluntarily decide to go those countries and then return to this country, you should know, as a consequence of your voluntary decisions, you are going to be quarantined for 21 days.

And that doesn’t mean being treated inhumanely, it means simply that we can’t rely on you to tell the truth, because we saw some people on NBC who had agreed to self-quarantine- and they lied. They went to a restaurant, they had a grand ole time.”

Josh Not-Earnest: “There is a body of medical science that’s been devoted to understanding how exactly the Ebola virus is transmitted. That science tells us that a likelihood of a widespread Ebola outbreak is exceedingly low. That the risk to the average American citizen is exceedingly low.”

Levin: “Today, now.  But if people know that they can lie and come here, and walk into a hospital – they’re going to. Why play with fire? It seems so crazy to me, and they keep hiding behind the science. And the science doesn’t say have open borders, allow anybody in who wants to come in, don’t quarantine people.”

Josh Not-Earnest:  “The policies we are putting in place are to protect the American people.”

Levin: “What policies have they put in place? Name one, as I can’t think of one? What policies are they putting in place to protect the American people?

These people reject experience, knowledge, evidence, yet they wrap themselves in it. We have people who are coming across the border, all of who do not love us, some of whom are killers. Whatever the percentage is, it’s too many.

Because the utopian statist uses science if it’s helpful to their agenda, and rejects science if it is not helpful to their agenda.  They are not going to secure the border, under any circumstances, because Obama has his Mussolini executive order, ready to go! They’re going to downplay Ebola, they are going to try and smother these governors, because they don’t want anything to get in the way of that.”

By the way, the President said nothing about a travel ban. What about the safety of the American people, you say?

Haven’t you figured out that he doesn’t give a damn about you folks?

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.