Winter Is Coming, And Deadly Pestilences Are Raging All Over The Planet…

Are we heading into a “dark winter”?  Many were hoping that the outbreaks that we have witnessed over the past few years would fade away and that life would soon return to normal.  Unfortunately, the truth is that “normal” is never coming back.  Even as you read this article, mad scientists all over the globe are monkeying around with some of the deadliest bugs ever known to humanity, and as we have seen it is way too easy for a “mistake” to happen.  Our ability to create deadly diseases far exceeds our ability to control them, and once a pathogen gets loose it can spread around the world in the blink of an eye.  So whenever a new outbreak erupts, we need to watch it very carefully.

This week, it is being reported that public health workers wearing white hazmat suits have been spraying the streets in northern China.

Footage of this has created quite a stir on social media, because we witnessed the exact same thing at the beginning of the COVID pandemic

Public health workers wearing full protective gear have appeared on the streets of northern China, according to footage on social media, evoking memories of the country’s stringent anti-virus measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hazmat-clad personnel were seen spraying disinfectant in public spaces in Sanhe, in China’s northern Hebei Province roughly 50 miles east of capital Beijing, according to the poster of the images and video footage. It remains unclear whether this was a local government initiative or central government directive.

This spraying is happening at a time when “mask-wearing crowds” are overwhelming hospitals all over China.

Chinese authorities insist that it is just the flu and other common diseases, but of course not everyone is buying that explanation…

Alarming footage shows mask-wearing crowds inside a Chinese hospital amid fears over a mystery pneumonia sweeping the country.

Beijing insists a new virus is not to blame for scenes of chaos, which have prompted officials to encourage residents to don coverings, socially distance and stay home if unwell.

Instead, health chiefs have pinned the rise on flu and other routine bugs, with China now battling its first full winter without a Covid-induced lockdown.

If the flu and other common diseases really are to blame, how is it possible that many hospitals in China are now operating at maximum capacity?

In some cases, patients are being forced to wait “a day or longer” to see a doctor…

In the past days, China’s state-controlled media have reported on hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin and other northern areas operating at maximum capacity. Beijing Children’s Hospital alone reported admitting over 7,000 daily cases, one report said.

Patients said they experienced closed outpatient clinics and long lines, some enduring waits of a day or longer at emergency departments.

Something doesn’t smell right.

If this really is the flu, it is a flu outbreak on a scale that I have never seen before.

Meanwhile, authorities in the UK have confirmed a human case of the swine flu

Health officials are investigating the first confirmed case of a new strain of swine flu in the UK.

The A(H1N2)v infection was detected in a routine flu screening test at a GP surgery in North Yorkshire.

Is this something that we should be concerned about?

Officials in the UK seem to think so, because right now they are “scrambling to trace contacts” of the person that was infected…

Health officials are scrambling to trace contacts of a person infected with a new form of swine flu, after the UK detected its first human case of H1N2.

Fifty human cases of the strain have been reported globally since 2005. The new case is the first to be detected in the UK and is unrelated genetically to the previous cases.

So far, it is just one case.

Hopefully that is where it will end.

But it is important to note that there was also a human case of the swine flu in the United States back in August.

And this has occurred at a time when the bird flu is experiencing another resurgence.

At just one farm in Ohio, more than 1.3 million chickens are being put down due to an outbreak that has erupted there…

Over 1.3 million chickens are being killed on an Ohio farm to contain an outbreak of avian influenza, as first reported by The Associated Press.

The US Department of Agriculture reported Tuesday that the flock is being slaughtered after the detection of a case of bird flu on the Union County egg farm.

Sadly, this follows similar incidents in Iowa and Minnesota

This is the second farm to kill over 1 million birds this month as a Taylor County, Iowa egg farm killed 1.1 million birds. A Wright County, Minnesota farm also killed 940,000 birds this month.

Chicken and turkey are already absurdly expensive.

So what is going to happen if this disease kills tens of millions of birds once again this winter?

Needless to say, it isn’t just the U.S. that is dealing with the bird flu.

This month, it has popped up again in Japan for the first time in quite a while…

Japan detected the first case of highly pathogenic H5-type bird flu this season at a poultry farm in the south of the country, public broadcaster NHK reported on Saturday.

The local government in Saga Prefecture will cull about 40,000 birds on the farm, NHK said, citing agriculture ministry officials it did not name.

Let’s just hope that the bird flu doesn’t mutate into a form that can spread easily among people, because the global death rate for H5N1 in humans is over 50 percent.

Of course health officials are still wrestling with COVID.

Despite all of their efforts, COVID is still very much with us, and there are a couple of variants that are currently troubling authorities…

Cases of EG.5 increased over the summer, but it was recently outpaced in the United States by a closely related subvariant called HV.1. This subvariant now accounts for 29 per cent of the COVID-19 cases in the US, according to the latest figures from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“HV.1 is essentially a variant that’s derived from EG.5.1 (and previously XBB.1.5) that’s just accumulating a few mutations that allow it to better infect people who have immunity to SARS-CoV-2,” Andrew Pekosz, a professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Johns Hopkins University in the US, told Euronews Next.

So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is that we really are living in extremely chaotic times, and pestilences will be one of the major themes of this new era.

In other words, we should fully expect deadly outbreaks to be quite common during the months and years that are ahead.

Many of the diseases that will get unleashed in our time will have been cooked up in a lab somewhere.

So the truth is that much of the pain and suffering that we will soon experience will be the result of nightmarish “experiments” that our own governments have encouraged and funded.

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