World War 3 on the brink in the Pacific – nukes and warships ready for devastating WAR

Washington and Beijing have both been flexing their military muscles as Chinese military bosses declared “war between the US and China is now reality”.

Warships, missiles, and nuclear-capable bombers are flooding the region as both superpowers prepare for a potentially nuclear conflict.

The cradle of this war zone is the South China Sea which Beijing claim belongs to the Chinese by right while the US weighs in support of the Asian power’s Pacific neighbours.

Experts have warned just one wrong move could cause the region to explode into war between the US and China.

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2 thoughts on “World War 3 on the brink in the Pacific – nukes and warships ready for devastating WAR”

  1. I think this is a fairly tall tale and reach.
    Who do you think stands to gain the most from an economic upturn of the United States currency?
    I would have to say it is those people who own the most dollars in circulation.
    If China over the years has gathered the most dollars then it would be in their best interest to make the dollar stronger.
    Not go around provoking a world war over a territory dispute. As long as everyone can use the disputed area to transport retail goods I do not see it as a problem as to actually who owns the water and its rights.
    At the stroke of a pen, all those dollars can be made worthless as toilet paper on a wall.
    Donald Trump may declare bankruptcy and start the US economy over again. Making those dollars as worthless as confederate currency.
    When negotiating with China we have to determine what they want. We have to determine what they stand to lose or gain. Our entire economy depends on reaching a solution in which both parties to our trade agreements win.
    Despite people thinking of China as an enemy they are not the enemy nor are we.
    China stands to lose a lot. So do we.
    Because all those retail goods in our stores right now coming out of factories in China keep the economy going.
    There is no way a calculator costing a $1 can be made here for the same price or less. It is actually a $1.08 with sales tax. But thousands of items are in a similar situation where we cannot buy them cheaper any where else.
    China has a tiger by the tail. Meaning they have a huge population that needs to work and be fed by the rest of the world. This can only be done if we negotiate in good faith with these people.
    Despite population control methods China has a huge amount of people that currently are being successfully fed by our economy and economies all over the world.
    Run that into the ground and there is a far worse problem. Sure we can produce goods here. But not cheaper than they are produced right now.
    So a tariff system is simply not going to work in today’s world.
    You will end up with an economy where the average retail good is five times higher than what it is right now because you have altered world competition for price.
    Think about paying five times the price for everything with our current wage situation.
    That would cause a world war between us and the working population of China as we starve them out.
    That cannot be allowed to happen.
    There is a way those goods can be arrived at cheaper than China can produce them. It is called automation of factories. And eventually that may happen. The key factor is transportation of commercial goods over long distances. That is the overhead they are dealing with that we do not have to deal with if the goods are produced locally.
    What has to happen everywhere is a reduction in the work week of everyone from 40 hours to 32 hours possibly with a 3 day weekend for everyone. It has to be with a salaried employment where people get the same wages they are currently getting for a 40 hour week.
    That is the impossible situation we are going to be dealing with in the near future with the possibility of miniature computers in robotics releasing our population from having to work as much to survive.
    This is a form of future shock in all of its reality. Going to war simply destroys a large population here and in China. So the question really is: Who benefits from such a war in our near future and what should we do about it?

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