‘You’re Not Going to Be Deported,’ Obama Assures ‘Ordinary’ Illegal Immigrants

Obama Waving - Public Domain

Speaking about his new immigration program in Nashville on Tuesday, President Obama assured “ordinary” illegal immigrants, “You’re not going to be deported,” even if they don’t register with the U.S. government.

“So even if somebody didn’t sign up, they’re still much less likely to be subject to deportation. That’s because we’ve changed our enforcement priorities, in a formal way,” Obama said.

Obama explained that the Homeland Security Department has set deportation priorities: “And at the top are criminals, people who pose a threat, and at the bottom are ordinary people who are otherwise law-abiding. And what we’re saying, essentially, is in that low-priority list, you won’t — you won’t be a priority for deportation. You’re not going to be deported. We’re not going to keep on separating families.”

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