2 More Visions Of The Utter Chaos That Is Coming To America

God has been warning about the things that are now coming to pass for a very long time, but of course most Americans have not been listening.

Today, I would like to share two more visions of what we will be facing in the future that were given quite a long time ago…

Nora Grant in 1999

In the spring of 1999, I was returning home one Wednesday morning from my usual walk with a friend. She had gone to her home, and as I started down the long hill, toward my house, I had full view of the area of SW Denver called Bear Valley. Suddenly, I noticed a missile come over the front range mountains, drop into the valley area, cruising easterly. It undulated with the ground surface, rising and falling as it moved over the little hill/valley areas. It was about 60–100 feet long, pointed front, small fins on the back, silver in color. As it went in front of me, I could hear only a slight “whirring” sound from it. It maintained a height of about 100 feet above the ground as it traveled along.

My first thought was I needed to get home immediately, but then realized, it would do no good and the Lord would have to keep me where I was. I watched it as it continued to travel east, thinking it was headed to the “Tech Center” in SE Denver. A friend later explained it was probably headed toward the radar bubbles in Aurora, where all of the US smart weapons are coordinated from. I also knew others of these same missiles were coming through the mountains along the 1–70 corridor and Sixth avenue as well, headed for the city. It finally flew past an outcropping of the valley and I could no longer see it.

As I continued my walk home, I realized it was a “vision,” not an actual happening at that moment. A couple of thoughts that came to me were (1) nobody was aware of the sudden danger that was happening, (2) and it was such a calm, peaceful, lovely day, that was soon to be in totally chaos. Life was going on as normal.

I feel when it happens, it will be total surprise, and huge devastation and judgment. Only the Lord knows when. Thank the Lord for HIS PEACE in the midst of….

Jerry Golden in 2001

There were fires and explosions all over the city and people were running in total panic. There were wrecked cars and cabs on nearly every street, and there were soldiers everywhere I looked. I felt a Holy Presence but could not see anyone. I asked if this was the World Trade Center we had just seen on TV, and He said “No, this is yet to come.” I then asked if it would only be New York City? He said, “No, many others will suffer in even worse ways. In other cities there will be death and destruction across the United States. The economy will be totally destroyed and when their god of money is gone from them, they will turn to me. But I will receive them not.” I then asked what about those who love You and are truly Your children? It was then that I could see in the crowds, those who could be identified by the Glory of God around them, and the peace they had was supernatural and it could be seen in their walk and manners. What about Israel I asked? He replied, “There will be much death and destruction in Israel for My people have sinned a great sin against Me. But I will save them as I have promised, but for those who have come against My city and My people, I will show no mercy.” I asked when will this happen? He replied, “Be ready to receive Me, for I will bring all these things to pass.” End of vision.


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