In 2014, Augusto Perez Was Shown A Coming Pandemic, Forced Vaccinations And Martial Law

If you told someone in late 2019 that just a few months later most of the United States would be locked down in early 2020, a horrible pandemic would be causing massive fear all over the globe, and that much of the public would be debating whether “forced vaccinations” will become necessary or not, the person that you told that to would have thought you were nuts.

But now these things have become a reality, and many are deeply concerned about where all of this is heading.

I had totally forgotten that Augusto Perez had a prophetic dream about a coming pandemic back in 2014, and what he was shown at that time is extremely sobering

“I went to bed late on that night and I was very tired. After I prayed a short prayer, I quickly went to sleep. Then I had one of the most interesting prophetic dreams that I recall ever having. In the dream, I was talking to a group of men about current events and the times that we are living in right now. However, out of nowhere one of the men begins to tell me about things that are getting ready to take place in this nation.

He proceeds to explain to me that a virus is going to spread quickly in the United States in the near future until it reaches such pandemic proportions that forced vaccinations will be forced on the population. He continued to tell me that this vaccine will contain an RFID microchip in it that will become a part of the person receiving it. He then paused momentarily, before proceeding to say in a somber tone: ‘flights leaving the country will stop afterwards, and soon after that Martial Law will be implemented’. I then woke up shaken, and wrote it down before I could forget.”


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