30 Signs That You Are One Of Those ‘Crazy Preppers’

Crazy Prepper

With all the recent talk in the news about “Doomsday Preppers” and the demonization in the media, you have to be aware that you’re considered a little….different. The fact that you are self-reliant is such an oddity to most that, frankly, they find you to be either nuts, a little bit scary, or both. According to the US government, we are all extremists on the verge of committing depraved acts of terrorism.

Here are the top 30 signs, should you ever be the subject of a nationwide manhunt, that you too will be considered a “Crazy Prepper on the Loose“:

  1. Pantries are so mainstream…you have food stashed in strange places in every room of the house.
  2. You have enough toilet paper to get through a year of uncomfortable digestive upsets…occurring with 6 people simultaneously
  3. Speaking of which, you possess at least 3 different ways to use the bathroom, only one of which is an actual bathroom.
  4. Your kids know what OPSEC means…at the age of 4.
  5. You have topographical maps of your area…plural.
  6. When you’re forced to interact with “the others” you feel like you are awkwardly censoring your true opinions
  7. You think nothing of treating an injury or illness yourself because “what if there was no doctor?”
  8. Paintball is no longer just a fun way to spend an afternoon – it’s called “training”.
  9. With every major purchase, you contemplate going for the off-grid version.
  10. You have more manual tools than power tools.
  11. You’ve washed entire loads of laundry by hand for either necessity or practice. (And not just your dainties…we’re talking about jeans and stuff!)
  12. Your kids are not afraid of guns…or fingers pointed like guns…or pastries in the shape of guns…or drawings of guns.
  13. When house hunting you look for multiple heat and water sources.
  14. You store food in buckets…lots of buckets…like, maybe even a whole room full of buckets.
  15. You garden with a determination and time commitment normally reserved for endurance athletes training for an Ironman triathlon.
  16. If you don’t have a water source on your property, you have put in miles of footwork searching for one nearby, and have mapped multiple discreet routes to and from the source, and figured out how to haul the water back to your house on each route.
  17. Your first instinct when hearing about some event on the mainstream news is skepticism. (False flag event, anyone?)
  18. You believe that FEMA camps are real and that you are most likely on “The List”.
  19. Instead of CNN, you have alternative news sites bookmarked in your favorites on your computer.
  20. You have enough coffee/tea/favorite-caffeinated-item-of-choice to last you through 3 apocalypses.
  21. You have enough over the counter medications stashed away to outfit a small-town pharmacy.
  22. You have an instinctive mistrust of most cops or anyone working for an alphabet agency.
  23. You could sink a ship with the weight of your stored ammo.
  24. Looking for a fun weekend outing with the kids? Forget amusement parks –  the shooting range is where it’s at..
  25. When the power goes out, you calmly light the candles and proceed with whatever you had been dong previously.
  26. A longer-term power outage is called “practice”.
  27. If a like-minded person comes over to your house, they’ll realize you are “one of them” by seeing your reading material. Other folks won’t even notice. The FBI would call your copy of The Prepper’s Blueprint and your James Wesley Rawles fiction  “subversive literature”.
  28. Your children carry a modified bug-out kit in their school backpacks.
  29. You can and dehydrate food with the single-minded fervor of a Amish grandmother facing a 7 year drought.
  30. Calling 911 is not part of your home security plan.

What are some other habits or possessions that would have a wild-eyed picture of you on every news station in the country? Share in the comments section below.

(Originally posted at Organic Prepper)

About the author: Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca