A 69-Year-Old Florida Man Has Been Fined $30,000 “Because His Lawn Grew Too Long While He Was Away For Two Months Tending To His Deceased Mother’s Estate”

This is what happens when we allow the control freaks to take over society.  If this story makes you angry, that is good, because it shows that you still believe in the concept of personal property.  If someone can fine you $30,000 for not cutting your lawn, the truth is that your house no longer really belongs to you…

A Florida man could lose his home after he was fined nearly $30,000 for letting his grass grow too long.

Jim Ficken, 69, is now fighting back with a lawsuit against Dunedin’s Code Enforcement Board after it fined him $500 per day for nearly 60 days before moving to foreclose on his home.

Ficken said he was tending to his late mother’s estate in South Carolina over the summer of 2018 when the city, west of Tampa, began fining him hundreds of dollars a day without notice for letting his grass grow longer than 10 inches.