A Woman’s Stunning Testimony: “I Saw The United States Split In Half From A Massive Earthquake”

A reader emailed me recently and shared a dream that she had of the giant earthquake that is coming to the middle part of the country. In this very vivid dream, she was told “to warn the people of what is to come”, and her dream is consistent with what God has been showing so many other people all around the world. One of the purposes of this website is to give God’s servants a platform that they might not otherwise be given, because it is imperative that we all warn those around us about what is coming.

Here is Amber Dawn’s stunning testimony…


Earthquake Dream: 8/17/2016

In my dream it started with my husband, my son and I were sleeping and we got woken up from our sleep from this terrible great shaking. As I woke up, I told my husband “this is it” We started getting our bug out bags and supplies we had stored back ready to load up into our vehicle and get out into a safe location where there aren’t any people (population density was our biggest threat). As we were packing, I looked out the window of our apartment/resort/condo to see children and adults all woken up too, but they were all playing in the courtyard of this apartment complex/resort/condo. I didn’t see the urgency that I felt. They were all skipping and laughing when such desperation and danger was coming.

After we left the apartment/condo the Lord would bring me to another scenario. Aaron and I got away from all the people and camped out, as the desperation of the people set in, they started looking everywhere for food and water including where my husband and I were incamped (on top of a mountain/hill). My husband, son, and I got out just before they reached our camp site. We fled down a hill/mountain side before the “bullies” “gang” reached our campsite. My husband and I had to leave a lot of things behind in this camp site including, food, water, shelter, clothing, vehicle ect. As we couldn’t carry everything on our backs. As i turned to look back at our campsite and leaving all of our things, I saw thing gang devouring it all very quickly and knew they were going to follow the trail down the hill/mountain onto the next place/house.

Which brough us to the next scenario, we approached this house. As i peered into the windows of this house, I saw many men lusting after one another and consumed with self image. They were all partying and drinking, unaware of the danger of the gang upon them. We decided to pass over this house and continue walking for safety, as these people may have posed a threat and that wasn’t a risk we were willing to put our son or ourselves in. We heard the screams and the sounds of fighting taking place inside this house from the gang arriving. (I wasn’t in the house, but the Lord had my spirit bear witness to this scenario) As I looked around, I saw bodies massacred and no repentance was made and souls were lost.

Then I was brought to the scenario of people living inside of a grocery store. A lot of people were incamped inside of this grocery store. It was at this point in my dream, that I realized that my husband and son were no longer with me. I was alone. There were a lot of people/families down different isles eating all the grocery store food (fish and mayo) stood out to me. I saw and looked over at the mayo tubs, jars ect. I noticed there was only one huge tub/jar left. Although this tub of mayo would last a while, it would still run out and I knew the desperation would quickly set in. I knew I had to leave the grocery store before anything happened. So I left and the Lord brought me to another scenario.

I was on a ship, i couldn’t get off and I was all alone, no family. I didn’t recognize anyone. Everyone was partying and carefree, there weren’t any urgency of what just happened or what had just occurred (the great terrible shaking). Everyone was drinking and celebrating trying to lock arms with me and bring me into their cheerful celebrations. I knew it was not a time to be celebrating and in fact I was very sad and mourning the loss of my family. I was so overwhelmed with grief that I dropped down on my knees on this ship in front of all these people celebrating and cried out to father, for him to take the pain from me and to reunite me with my family again and to get me off of this ship.

The Lord removed me and brought me to another scenario. We had fled North (not exactly sure where exactly) but we (my husband, son, and I) had arrived by foot to this neighborhood filled with preppers. It was an end time prepping community that housed followers to help them for a few days before traveling to where they needed to go. This place was known to people as a sanctuary. There was a peace about this place and about the man who greeted us. Water fountains, aromatherapy, dried herbs ect. It was night when we arrived. I still feared the threat of the populations and the gangs reaching this place eventually, but for the time being we were far enough out that we felt safe enough to rest. I prayed to the Lord before laying down for him to show me where my family is to go for safety and I asked him to please show me what happened for all of this to occur. I layed my head down and as soon as my eyes shut the Lord brought me to…

An eagle’s eye view of the United States. I saw the United States split in half from a massive earthquake. The madrid fault line. The Lord showed me that this earthquake would cause the great and terrible shaking and that these things would cause the scenarios but that wouldn’t be it. The earthquake would cause a massive tsunami on the east coast, if you weren’t on the west side of the fault line, you have no chance because the tsunami is going to be so massive that it will kill millions. The devastation was unlike any other I’ve ever seen, I heard the cries and gnashing of teeth all the way up as high as the eagles eye view.

I asked the Lord why he was showing me this, he said I am to warn the people of what is to come. There is still time to repent, turn away from sin, and to get to places of safety and that he will direct your paths and to seek him, ask, and he will guide you.

The dream ended with me being in bed with my husband and my son (just like in the beginning of my dream) I woke up (in real life) from my dream just like the beginning of the dream from the great and terrible shaking that happened in my dream in the beginning. (Later being convicted that this is because the Lord is the beginning and the end, the first and the last)

I was so convinced that the shaking had already occurred (that’s how real this dream was) and that I had just had a dream on what was to come, I had to wake my husband up because I couldn’t stop crying. I was so devastated and was so shook up, that I couldn’t go back to sleep.

The Lord told me to warn the people of what is to come.

God Bless each one of you
Your sister in Christ
Amber Dawn