Arizona Football Coach Suspended for Praying with Team


A high school football coach in Arizona has been suspended for two weeks for joining his team in prayer.

Tom Brittain is the head varsity coach for Tempe Preparatory Academy, a state funded charter school. According to reports, Brittain recently asked one of the players on his team to lead the group in prayer, and then joined the team as they thanked the Lord following a winning game.

Headmaster Dr. David Baum suspended Brittain for two games for his participation, asserting that he had violated the so-called separation of church and state.

“He is a man who likes to pray and I don’t object to that,” he told local television station KPHO. “Just, he can’t do that with our students. That’s the only prohibition.”

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2 thoughts on “Arizona Football Coach Suspended for Praying with Team”

  1. The question is not whether or not this coach violated the rules of separation of church and state.
    The question is does he have a right in a public place to pray with his students?
    And where does it stop? What is the line that people must be afraid to cross?
    As a citizen, he has the right to believe whatever he wants.
    As a coach, he is guiding young minds. Many of which might hold him on some kind of pedestal.
    It is virtually impossible with all the religions out in the world today for anyone to follow a strictly neutral policiy. What happens when a Muslim wishes rights to pray 5 times a day in the general direction of Mecca?
    Or any other religion wishes to practice their faith publicly?
    Or wishes to keep the laws of diet put forth by Moses in the old testament?
    The solution found by the military was the Chaplin service. And in that service are Jews, Protestants, and Catholics. They may have extended to Muslims for all I know, but I doubt it.
    In order to satisfy the religious needs of our Military, neutral religion was born. Meaning, keep away from anyone denomination but give the sacriments of various faiths in a more or less neutral way.
    People that are about to be in danger of dying do not care about neutrality for the most part. They want a person that will give them prayers to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It all depends on how one looks at it.
    I suggest that we have to get away from ridiculous rules of neutrality yet keep the Chaplain service concept in our public schools. Especially in the teen years, when anything appears to go. when we clearly have a problem with morales when too many children are having children of their own in High School.
    The school’s answer is to make up a religion of their own based on neutrality. It is called humanism. That really does not work out well.
    I would rather that every student be given a choice of a study of all religions by the ministers of various faiths. I would like the course to start in the Freshman Year of High School. I would also like a course in health issues like why someone gets pregnant, various diseases out there, and other issues. Women will still get pregnant. But there is a chance it will lower the possibility. I think kids in the sophomore year are most vulnerable.
    The idea is to let the students choose for themselves the way that they wish to go concerning religious beliefs.
    If you have these laws forbidding prayer, what is next? I see the devil has been very busy in our school system run by the aethists in government.

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