Barack Obama Orders The Pentagon To Get Ready For Deep Cuts In America’s Nuclear Arsenal

Barack Obama deep cuts nuclear weapons arsenalThe most important news for Monday, September 21st, 2009…..

Barack Obama has demanded that the Pentagon conduct a “radical review” of U.S. nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for “deep cuts” in America’s nuclear arsenal.

Barack Obama says that he would be “happy to look at” a bailout proposal for the newspapers.

Many New York health care workers are resisting the new mandatory swine flu vaccination rule in that state.

Representatives from 10 U.S. government agencies are holding a two-day exercise known as “Panamax 2009” that will simulate the implementation of martial law during a flu pandemic.

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department had the lowest turnout ever recorded for its annual flu vaccination drive on Saturday.

The Kremlin says that Israel has promised not to attack Iran.

Israeli defense forces and the U.S. military will soon hold a joint training exercise in which they will simulate missile attacks on the nation of Israel from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

The new U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan says that there is an urgent need for more troops in Afghanistan.

Ecuador has closed a U.S. military base and is forcing all U.S. military personnel to leave their soil.

Russia has reportedly reached “a provisional agreement” to land long-range bomber aircraft in Venezuela.

Should the U.S. be concerned about China’s rapidly growing influence in South America?

Another microbiologist has died under suspicious circumstances.

Devastating floods have claimed the lives of at least 4 people in the Atlanta area.

A “tidal wave” of homeless students is hitting U.S. schools.

What in the world?  “Emerging church” leader Brian McLaren and many of his followers actually observed the month of Ramadan as their Muslim neighbors did.

Two parents in Scotland recently had two of their kids taken away from them by the government because the kids were too fat.

Lastly, apparently Japanese society has become such a lonely place that “rent a friend” agencies are springing up and are thriving.