Bernie Sanders a Bum Who Didn’t Earn His First Steady Paycheck Until Age 40 Then Wormed His Way Into Politics

Young Bernie Sanders

Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.”

One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps, and it was all downhill from there.

Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.”

Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” the bitter layabout said. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

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1 thought on “Bernie Sanders a Bum Who Didn’t Earn His First Steady Paycheck Until Age 40 Then Wormed His Way Into Politics”

  1. How far down has the Democrat Party gone?
    They cannot even come up with a decent candidate for President this time around.
    We have a Republican field filled with people wanting to do the job.
    Most of which have no clue as to how to get the job done if they do get elected.
    Perhaps it is time to change the election rules and allow a more wide variety of people and ideas to have a chance at getting elected.
    Hillary Clinton actually talked about real issues and the solutions President Obama came up with.
    I see little of that in the opposition.
    Yet a third of the country might not even know where some of these places are and what they believe in.
    Did you know that whistling a tune could get you labeled as demented in some of these places?
    Or that a few are very rich and the rest are very poor?
    Or that they might practice polygamy?
    Or sexual slavery?
    Yet we have people want to import them here?
    IF said people praying 5 times a day to Mecca were given a different name they would be labeled a cult here. And we do have cults here.
    What I do see is a lot of people unwilling to address real issues while running for President.
    Never heard of a man admitting they want to raise your taxes while getting elected before.
    Surely sounds like someone wanting my vote.
    I am fairly sure I could write an ad campaign against any one of them just based on the debates.

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