Bill Maher Once Again Publicly Wishes For A Recession So That Donald Trump Will Lose In 2020

This is how desperate elitists such as Bill Maher have become to get rid of Donald Trump

During the “new rules” segment on his HBO talk show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host implored critics who seized on his controversial earlier remarks to gain “perspective.”

“And finally, new rule, anyone who went apeshit over the last two weeks because I said going through a recession would be worth it if it undermined Trump’s popularity, has to enroll in college and take a course in perspective,” Maher told his audience.

“A recession is a survivable event. What Trump is doing to this country is not,” Maher continued, eliciting applause from his guests including Center for American Progress chief Neera Tanden.

Please notice the enthusiastic cheering Maher received from the audience when he made his remarks.

It truly is frightening what is happening to this country…

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