Brett Creamer: “A Crack/Explosion Sound From Up In The Sky Made Me Look Up”

Brett Creamer sent us a dream that he had a few nights ago, and it is quite alarming.

In his dream he saw cruise missiles being launched at a very large object in the sky that was headed right toward us.

Could it be possible that what he saw was an asteroid?

Here is his dream…

I wanted to tell you about a weird dream I had on 2/12/20. I was standing in my backyard with my kids and a crack/explosion sound from up in the sky made me look up. I saw a fireball with smoke and vapor behind it traveling from the right side of the sky to the left. Then from the right, I saw multiple objects (about 30-40+) on an intersect course with the fireball. It was like I was able to zoom in to the objects and I clearly saw they were rockets and I said out loud, “Those are cruise missiles!” It looked like the first batch missed the object and I saw at least 3 more attempts to try to shoot it down with no luck. It was like we were caught off guard and fired in hopes of stopping this for it was large. I then remember trying to gather all my kids to get them in the basement.