Marty Breeden: “Your money is worthless, it means nothing…not now it doesn’t!”

Marty Breeden just shared a dream on Facebook that really resonated with me.  I have had such an ominous feeling about what is ahead, and I have felt a greatly increased such of urgency in recent days.

I truly believe that dark times are coming, and so the title of Marty’s latest dream definitely got my attention right away…

Dream 2-15-2020

Last night I had a very short dream, yet I believe it a foreshadow of things to come.

As Americans we normally walk, travel, and speak freely.
In my dream I saw that EVERYTHING was being “monitored” and in a moments time EVERYTHING had changed!

Our travel was being limited by what appeared to be a foreign force, working alongside some Americans that were not wearing our typical Military uniform.

Discussions were whispered, travel was limited….
There were soldiers heavily armed and the electronic surveillance and tracking was staggering to see!

I saw they would even “allow” certain fun activities for the people but it was so heavily monitored that everyone was just doing the best they could to have fun.

It broke my heart to see the youth attempting to enjoy their “lives”, but this was certainly no life.
The surroundings were dark and foreboding and I remember catching the eyes of several of these “soldiers” and they appeared hate filled and lifeless.

At one point I was able to sneak off and meet a family member and I recall her saying:

She then showed me that she had put back $65,000 cash and she seemed so proud of it.

I told her:
“Your money is worthless, it means nothing…not now it doesn’t!”

I awoke….