Business is booming at the Yulin No.1 Crispy Dog Meat restaurant: Cats and canines crammed into cages ready for slaughter days ahead of meat festival that’s outraged the world

Cats In Cages - Humane Society International

‘Business is getting better’ at the notorious Yulin meat festival where slaughterhouses are already killing and serving up hundreds of stolen pets ahead of the official launch on Sunday, MailOnline has learned.

Local authorities said it had been abolished following global outrage, but animal protection charities who are working tirelessly to expose the cruel market say the festival will go ahead as planned.

Shocking images taken only this morning show how a new batch of cats and dogs – inhumanely stuffed into wire cages – has been brought into the city.

And queues already stretch outside huge 300-seat eateries such as the Yulin No. 1 Crispy Dog Meat restaurant which sells the newly-slaughtered animals to hungry customers for around £2 for half a kilogram.

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