Cantor Loss Means ‘All-Out-War Between The Establishment And Tea Party’

Eric Cantor Congress

“It’s going to speed up the process of Tea Party members positioning themselves for a leadership run,” said Ron Bonjean, an aide to former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican. “This stunning news could be the first shot in an all-out-war between the establishment and Tea Party over leadership control.”

The upset marks a shift in this year’s momentum in the intraparty power struggle between the small-government movement and Republicans aligned with the business community. Until Cantor’s loss, the pro-business forces had protected almost all of the incumbents targeted by the Tea Party.

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4 thoughts on “Cantor Loss Means ‘All-Out-War Between The Establishment And Tea Party’”

  1. This will be the first positive act, I have seen. While I still do not think many have woke up. This is proof that some have. Now if a similar group would form, on the democratic side. I might actually see a glimmer of real change.

  2. Maybe the go along to get along crowd should wake up – We have had enough of liberal progressive BS and want you to FIGHT for us and take NO quarter.

    • I know that I am ready for real change to come to Washington.

      I am still skeptical that we will ever see it though.

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