Chattanooga Gunman Yet Another Mass Shooter on Antidepressants: Are You Even Surprised?

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By now most people know the basic facts, at least what are called “facts” as reported by the mainstream media regarding the Tennessee mass shooting.

According to reports, last Thursday twenty-four-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire at a Chattanooga army recruiting center, injuring a police officer. Then he opened fire at a navy recruiting center about five miles away, killing four servicemen and wounding another three, one of whom later passed away. All told, five people lost their lives before the Abdulazeez was shot and killed by police.

By now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone much that the media is reporting Abdulazeez was depressed and taking medications for it, medications which he frequently started and stopped.

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1 thought on “Chattanooga Gunman Yet Another Mass Shooter on Antidepressants: Are You Even Surprised?”

  1. The problem is using people set up to cause killing with drugs.
    Who exactly takes responsibility for prescribing those drugs?
    A doctor prescribing these drugs is like loading a gun and waiting for it to go off.
    The victim here is the person shooting the gun as well as the person receiving the bullets into their bodies.
    Yet I never see charges brought against the prescribing Psychiatrist when things go wrong in a hurry.
    This person is directly responsible for the actions of a mentally ill patient and that person should never be on the street when those drugs are prescribed because that person prescribed these drugs is a weapon waiting to go off.
    So we have to ask: Who benefits from such a tragedy taking place?
    All you have to do is see the reaction of President Obama when such a tragedy occurs.
    All you really have to do is see the reporting by major media of the same thing.
    As if doing away with the tools will stop anyone.
    I would like to know what connection the psychiatrist has to the government and possibly the CIA or its satellites.
    This has the scent of a government agency setting things (people) off.
    But how do you prove that it was deliberately done vs it being an accident of an incompetent doctor?
    I think we need to put the psychiatrist prescribing these meds in jail. I think a full board of inquiry should be instigated against the doctor prescribing these meds and letting the patient out in the general public to do whatever that person feels like doing under influence of the meds.
    Then if possible the prescribing doctor might reveal what is really going on here.
    Too often in today’s government they are in bed with the Psychiatrist. The sanctity of the professional relationship between doctor and patient is not there. It is as if someone goes to confession and the confession is being recorded by someone other than the Priest.
    Then that confession is used against the person confessing.
    Yet the prescribing doctor does not have the privacy provision anymore. Everything is going straight to the government as it is being said.
    One of the concepts of Psychology is there are no real accidents out there. That subconsciously we do things that appear to be accidental.
    The truth being that it is really things being controlled by our subconscious level.
    I say these patients might be aimed. And that can have serious consequences.
    One of those consequences can be the removal of people in office like happened to a Congresswoman in the South. She was shot and seriously disabled.
    One of the consequences might be the removal of all serious weapons from the public in the near future.
    Followed shortly there after by martial law or the over riding of our government by the UN.
    As long as the public is armed and dangerous, that is unlikely to happen. And that might be the legislature’s purpose in having people aimed with drugs at other people.
    Remember, very few things are accidental.

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