Planned Parenthood: We Got $528.4 Million in Taxpayer Funds in One Year

Planned Parnethood Evil

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, received $528.4 million in taxpayer funding, according to its 2013-2014 annual report, which runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

The report shows that Planned Parenthood received $528.4 million in “government health services grants and reimbursements” during a one-year period, the latest figures available.

That means it received an average of $1,447,671 in taxpayer funds per day and an average of $60,320 every hour.

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1 thought on “Planned Parenthood: We Got $528.4 Million in Taxpayer Funds in One Year”

  1. Strange how sites do not go into just who voted for Planned Parenthood funding recently.
    But that might be embarrassing . . .
    There is no way that funding could have been put in place without Republican votes. Some of which were quite high in the ranks of the party.
    Yet these same people ask for Christians to vote for them.
    I wonder if these Christians realize who voted for what in the Congress?
    I expect Democrats to vote with the devil. I do not expect the same from Republicans who claim to be good Christians.
    Yea, these people represent good Christian people voting with their hearts instead of their heads.
    Next time you vote for your favorite Republican, might just check to see how he voted on things like Planned Parenthood and abortion.

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