David Wilkerson’s 1985 Prophecy: ” The Oil Fields Of The Middle East Will Be Ablaze, And The Smoke Will Rise Night And Day”

Was the attack on Saudi oil production facilities the beginning of the fulfillment of something that David Wilkerson prophesied all the way back in 1985?

Over half of all Saudi oil production was shut down by the attack, and we are being told that it could take “months” to repair the damage that has been done.  And that is assuming that there won’t be any more attacks.

The smoke from the massive fires that the attack caused could be seen from space, and if this really is the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy, it sounds like more attacks could be coming.

The following comes from David Wilkerson’s book “Set The Trumpet To They Mouth” which was published in 1985…

“Before the great holocaust, there will be smaller holocausts – the oil fields of the middle east will be ablaze, and the smoke will rise night and day as a warning of the greater holocaust yet to come.  There will be bombs falling on oil fields, on shipping docks and storage tanks.  There will be panic among all oil producers, and shippers, and upon all nations dependent on that oil.”