Detroit collapses into third-world ruin as nearly HALF the residents can no longer afford to pay for running water

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America’s once-thriving auto capital has become a third-world catastrophe, with nearly half of its residents now unable to pay their water bills. Reports indicate that roughly 50 percent of Detroit residents are struggling just to keep the water flowing, and some are now suggesting swift United Nations intervention to provide this basic necessity for those in need.

CBS Detroit reports that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is routinely having to shut off water mains at homes where residents can’t or won’t pay their water bills. For some, it is simply laziness that leads to their water being shut off, as the city says a good number of folks quickly pay their bills once the tap has been shuttered. But for others, perpetual financial distress in one of the nation’s most distraught cities is the driving factor.

“At the DWAS Department — it’s not our goal to shut off water,” stated Curtrise Garner, a department spokeswoman. “We want people’s water on, just like they do; but you do have to pay for your water… That’s the bottom line.”

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3 thoughts on “Detroit collapses into third-world ruin as nearly HALF the residents can no longer afford to pay for running water”

  1. None of the little people out there are to blame for Detroit. Blame the people that put together a city based on nothing more than car production. Then they made the cars so shoddy that people would not buy them. They did not compete with the others for price.

    You want to bring back Detroit. Get rid of the car people that put out shoddy products and bring in a company that will compete with the foreign cars on a one to one basis.
    The only answer that has ever worked for both companies and unions is to negotiate fairly with one another. Like asking two spoiled brats to negotiate. Neither really wants to give an inch.
    Both sides will attempt to buy the vote.

    Neither side is very honest. The surely lied too many times about fixing the quality of their product to the American Public. Then they had the nerve to say they were American Built when they were producing all the parts abroad. Do not have a lot of use for liars.

    As for the stuff in the water, blame the dentists and the government that used a PR campaign to put poison in the water. The EPA has also blessed this poisoning of the water with their rules that over ride the cities and make the water companies keep the poison in the water whether they want it or not. That is money from somewhere talking. Money gets results, Bulls**t walks.

    That is why you have so many kids out there with learning disabilities. A certain percentage of the population does not do well with poison in the water.
    There is only one way to fix it. Get honest with the American Public. Start producing a product that people can respect and want. Until the day happens that the name of an American Car is engineered like they were engineered originally, with 100,000 mile warranties backing them up, I do not see a clear future for Detroit or anyone else stupid enough to dirty their name with the public.
    That is what it is really all about. You have to have a good name. When time after time, the record of repairs of these “American” cars is at the low end of the grading then eventually people wise up and go where they can get a decent car at a decent price.
    Even the top makers of cars in the world today are falling down on quality. Even the cars that drove them out of business are starting to get poor quality. The whole thing is that without a good name, I do not care what product you put out, it will eventually fail in the market place.
    The only way to keep a good name is to put out top quality products.
    Our wonderful leaders are partly to blame. They allowed all these foreign companies to come here under their rules rather than ours. So we as a nation compete using Antitrust laws that do not apply to Japan or Korea for instance.
    Our big three compete with one hand tied behind their backs! They are not even supposed to talk to one another without violating the law. That has to stop. I suggest the government help them develop new cars together. So that everyone shares the tech needed to put out decent cars for everyone. But allowing the foreigners to have an advantage was just plain dumb.
    Hindsight is always 20/20. But now is the time to change all that and make it right.
    I do not feel the leaders have any clue as to how to go about changing things.
    There will have to be some very big changes if it is to turn around. They are not capable of making those changes.

  2. How many of the people who had their water shut off still have the money to pay their cell phone bills? The fact is many people choose to buy stuff they don’t need rather than pay their utilities.

    I live in Michigan, my water bill is about $60 per quarter. $20 bucks a month. That is not unreasonable. And it is not unreasonable to expect people to pay it.

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