The Mystery Of The 3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Obelisk Standing In New York City

Egyptian Obelisk In New York City

Most New Yorkers don’t realize it, but there is a 3,500 year old sculpture from Egypt in NYC. Situated right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park, this ancient Egyptian obelisk has been standing there for over a century while people pass it by oblivious to its mysterious origin.

The obelisk, a symbol of the sun god Ra, is one of the two obelisks commissioned by Pharaoh Thutmose lll that stood in front of the Temple of the Sun in the city of Heliopolis in 1450 B.C. As a gesture of political alliance in the late 19th century, the government of Egypt offered one obelisk to Britain and one to the United States. Britain’s obelisk now stands in the Victoria Embankment in London, while USA kept theirs hidden in New York.

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The 3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Obelisk Standing In New York City”

  1. So we basically have an Idol to the Sun God Ra? No disrespect meant to Ra . . .
    Give it back! I do not want any false god idols on U.S. Soil.
    I think it leads to very bad luck. After the Idol was placed in Britain, look what happened to Britain!
    I have a very jealous God on my hands if there are idols to a false god in our land. At least according to the old testament that is what happened. Solomon found that out the hard way.
    There are laws of physics. One of which is the law of entrophy. Everything is falling apart in the entire Universe at a set rate. Everything is expanding at a set rate as well.
    Normally luck is based on things happening about a maximum of 6% per 100 times. About 6% of the time your luck is completely bad. About 6% it is very good. The rest is average. Most of the time.
    Those are not my rules. They are the rules set down by sales people as to how many times they are likely to get a yes instead of a no when prospecting for clients.
    Statistics is a science. It is used by the insurance industry to predict how many times people will have to use their insurance. When entrophy goes crazy then they withdraw from insuring that person. He or she becomes a poor risk. The entire state of Florida became a poor risk for property insurance when the hurricanes hit several years in a row. The insurance industry withdrew from the state.
    For instance, the chances of you winning the Publisher’s clearinghouse with all the people entered is approximately 7 million to 1. Yet it happens on a regular basis. Someone actually does win the Prize. But to the individual, that is only likely in 1 time in 7 million tries.
    When an entrophy event is happening, then the maximum entrophy doubles or even triples and the bad luck triples with it.
    Now one would expect the opposite luck would also triple. It doesn’t.
    One person I know of, entered the Florida Lottery many years ago. He used a computer to put together a formula for winning the six numbers in the lottery drawn. He calculated the odds as dramatically against him. What he did was he stacked the deck. Instead of one entry, he had the computer calculate the most likely 100 numbers to win.

    Everyone thought he was crazy in that time of the 80s. He actually put up $100 a week to enter the ones the computer said might win. For 3 weeks nothing happened. He lost. On the fourth week, as I understand the report, he got 5 of 6 numbers and won $10,000. He continued and on the 6th week, he won the grand prize.
    All of this is the science of luck. It is statistical analysis and it is big money involved. But if the rules of entrophy double or triple which they do at times then there is a problem.
    I have found that around certain objects luck either good or bad can apply in the physical universe.
    The most advanced study of statistics determines trends. A coin will not flip the same direction every time. It will trend towards one way or the other in the short term. That is what this man used to win the lottery. I don’t know how he did it. He won and disappeared. It is called Chaos theory and is being used to work on weather prediction.
    The creator of everything bends the laws of statistics in one direction or the other at times. I think we should get rid of anything that might tend to piss this person off.

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