Did Hillary Clinton Steal Iowa From Bernie Sanders? – Here’s the Evidence so Far

Hillary Clinton - Photo by Marc Nozell

For starters, everyone has been talking about the 6 delegates that Hillary won, each by coin toss. The odds of her winning 6 coin tosses in a row is 1 in 64. If half of those votes had been divided evenly to Bernie, he would have won. What people should be really asking themselves, is what are the odds of this many ties occurring in the first place? Or even one tie? Apparently it’s never happened before. Obviously that doesn’t prove anything, but it is suspicious when put into the context of more evidence.

Then there is the fact that the Democrats didn’t staff 90 of the precincts in Iowa. In other words, there are 90 precincts where it is impossible to know if the results were accurate. This amounts to about 5% of all the Democratic votes in Iowa. In a race this close, that is a pretty big deal.

And who could forget that Microsoft provided a free app to both political parties, that would help precinct officials count and validate the votes. This app called the election in favor of Clinton hours before anything was tallied. Of course, that’s pretty messed up considering this could convince some people to stay home. And the Sanders campaign admitted they were highly suspicious of Microsoft’s free software in the days leading up to the vote.

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