Does Our Economic System Unfairly Favor The Powerful?

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Overall, 62% of Americans say this country’s economic system “unfairly favors powerful interests,” compared with just 34% who think the system “is generally fair to most Americans.” There is variance in opinions about economic fairness among Democratically-oriented groups. For instance, while 88% of Solid Liberals say the economic system is unfair, only about half (51%) of the Faith and Family Left agree.

Yet Business Conservatives are the only group – on the right or left – in which most believe the economic system is fair to most people. Fully 67% say the economic system is fair to most Americans, and 47% of Steadfast Conservatives agree. Among the GOP-leaning Young Outsiders, just 29% think the system is fair while more than twice as many (69%) do not.

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1 thought on “Does Our Economic System Unfairly Favor The Powerful?”

  1. I guess it depends on who you are.
    It has been said that the IRS unfairly targets small business. Big business can afford lawyers and money to fight the IRS. Small business is far more vulnerable.
    The Congress has exempted themselves from trade violations from the Security Exchange. They have an advantage because they have advanced knowledge of how things are going to come down. It is no accident that a majority are millionaires or better.
    You do not see the police busting in the doors of the wealthy very often.
    Could be that might be hazardous to your job health.
    But some poor person, they can bust in, kill people and no one says a word in court.
    Our entire system of government is a system of wealthy people writing the laws.
    There are actual differences in how people are treated that have the wealth to annie up and those that are poor. Some investments can only be obtained through wealth. The rest of us are left in the dust.
    So, I gues it depends on how much money you have to begin with, whether you get justice in a court of law.
    Still despite all of this, some people in every generation discover how to make money.

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