Donald Trump: I would shut down government over Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Millions Served

Donald Trump said he believes Republicans should shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood, the health services group that is facing scrutiny after undercover videos of its officials emerged.

Trump said Monday on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show that the videos, which feature Planned Parenthood officials apparently discussing the sale of fetal tissue and organs for medical research, are “disgraceful.”

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1 thought on “Donald Trump: I would shut down government over Planned Parenthood”

  1. The truth is the Democrats still control the White House and the Senate.
    In order for anything to get done the Democrats voting for Planned Parenthood in the Senate need to come under pressure not to do so.
    They have to change sides.
    Democrats everywhere need to realise that voting for murdering babies will get them unelected at the next time they come up for election.
    Which I think is every six years.
    These Democrats are fairly certain the issue will go away before they come up for election.
    The business of the Congress must go on. These stuck in the mud people need to realise that this will not get it this time.
    In the history of this country many a politician has resorted to holding and kissing babies. Why? It establishes them as family people. The person next door just like you and me.
    Well, this issue will not go away. This issue establishes anyone that votes for planned parenthood as a monster, not the person next door.
    Planned Parenthood uses phrases carefully intended to try to establish an image of protecting women’s health. I have worked my entire life building advertisements in a daily newspaper in a local town here in Ohio. I know how it works.
    You are likely to see national advertisements in the papers to the tune of many thousands of dollars trying to change public opinion of what is going on. Hillary Clinton is all ready pushing the issue using women’s health as the real issue for planned parenthood.
    She is very good at it.
    I suggest that it is the end of her political career if she continues to do so. Not by anything I say here. It stinks to high heaven and a skunk by any other name will still be a skunk.

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