Donald Trump widens lead in new poll

Donald Trump Going To Run For President In 2012

Donald Trump has a more than 2-to-1 lead over the next closest contender in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to a poll released Monday by Monmouth University.

Trump takes 26 percent support, followed by Jeb Bush at 12 percent.

Trump’s support has doubled in the poll since mid-July, when he had at 13 percent support and trailing Bush, who was in the lead at 15 percent.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump widens lead in new poll”

  1. I guess we need candidates that are not entirely politically correct.
    Because despite the media a lot of us never will be politically correct.
    Especially if it hides facts.
    Facts like immigrants bringing their bad baggage with them.
    Facts like drug running.
    Facts like terrorists crossing the border with uncontrolled illegal immigrants.
    Immigrants with criminal records bringing the activity with them.
    Illegal tax evasion.
    Illegally not registering for the draft.
    Putting together trade deals that are not in our favor.
    Facts about activities that border on impeachable offenses by our lame duck President.
    Yes, Mr. Trump is very outspoken about a lot of things wrong with both parties of this country. That is why he is popular.
    The “professionals” need to be sure they are legal in how they handle this outspoken candidate.
    Because unlike others before him, he is not going to easily go away. His army of lawyers is quite capable of handling them.
    If I am right, his security needs to be extremely careful. Because the people he opposes are likely to do something very illegal in an attempt to get rid of him. The pattern is there and has been there since the 60s.
    This pit of snakes he is dealing with are capable of doing anything.
    I suggest that they are ready, willing and able, to attempt to get rid of Donald Trump anyway they can.
    This is very evident in the way they handled Dr. Paul at the Florida Convention last time. That voice vote smelled to high heaven.
    Yet Republicans everywhere voted them back into office. That is the real scandal here.
    These politicians have us all pegged as dumber than a box of rocks.
    The evidence so far indicates they may be right.
    Why else would they support Republicans that voted FOR Planned Parenthood, a notorious abortion organization?
    Right now we have a bunch of compromising, stinking politicians of both parties.
    Lots of luck, Donald.

  2. I think Donald Trump should write down the questions asked and answer them publicly.
    Right now the Republicans appear to be for cutting Social Security benefits, increasing the age people are eligible.
    All in an attempt to keep it solvent.
    I think it is paid for out of the General Fund. So how can it be broke without so many more being broke as well?
    Also the current Presidential agreement with Iran is going to cost billions.
    I say not one dime for foreign purposes until you have Social Security solvent.
    Charity starts at home. Not giving these stinking people billions of our dollars when we are in debt.
    I think he is grandstanding as usual. So it really is put up or shut up for all of them.
    I say we send a message to the bureaus. The message should be if a person of average intelligence cannot understand the rules and regulation of the agencies then we shut the agency down as unconstitutional.
    When you approach ten semi-trucks full of regulation, often contradicting one another, then something is desperately wrong with the way the agencies are run. And that is one agency alone.
    When out of ten agents answering a phone you get 8 different answers, then it is time to re-organize the agency.
    It is obviously illegal.
    The message has to be KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.
    Our judges in the past have declared that ignorance of the law is no defense.
    When logistically it becomes impossible for anyone but a lawyer specializing in that agency to understand the law, it is a defense. And the law is wrong.
    We even encourage ignorance of the law when we allow one group of people to disobey the law over another group that cannot disobey the law. Illegal immigrants are one such privileged group. They do not pay taxes as they do not technically exist. They do not register for the draft(though we have no draft at present) as the do not technically exist. Yet every foreign national of age that is legally here registers. A healthy male registering for the draft is basically illegal law based on discrimination between sexes.
    They do not pay into the insurance system. They do not pay into social security. They do not pay into unemployment insurance. All of which is very illegal. Some of which is against federal law.
    We are dealing with employers and employees that are outside the law.
    At the very least, we are dealing with tax evasion.
    I would like to see Mr. Donald Trump address these cans of worms. Because if it implicates the government then some people need to be recalled or impeached.

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