Dying Africans Are Pleading For The Ebola Drug Given To Two Americans

Ebola Biosafety_level_4_hazmat_suit - Public Domain

No one knows how to cure the Ebola virus.

But speculation about the experimental treatment that was given to two Ebola-infected US citizens, along with panic over Ebola — unwarranted in the United States, more logical in West Africa — has people questioning why something that many have said may have cured the two Americans was given only to them, while the African body count continues to climb.

“This is something that has made our job most difficult,” Tolbert Nyenswah, Liberia’s assistant health minister, told the Wall Street Journal. “The population here is asking: ‘You said there was no cure for Ebola, but the Americans are curing it?'”

Many have the same question.

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