“For The Children”: An Excuse Commonly Used By The Elite To Further Their Insidious Agenda

(By Samuel Di Gangi) There are some sayings and bits of common knowledge which are so grating that nails on a chalkboard seem like the music of Mozart by comparison. In no instance is this truer than in the case of one phrase often bantered about in order to erase the rights and progress of virtually everyone: “…but it’s for the children.” Whenever those words are heard, what is really being said (almost without exception) is “stick it to the adults,” along with almost everyone else, including the children!

For example, Hillary Clinton was famous for saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and leftists have been echoing her words ever since.  Looking back, where has this lead? Today, we have do-gooder people from said village calling the cops on Mom & Dad for allowing their children to play in their own yard. Parents are getting the police called on them for a myriad of mindless reasons, and there seems to be no limit to how far authorities in some areas may go to make sure that the “village” members (particularly the left-leaning ones) are satisfied. It becomes clear, with even minimal observation, that none of this is about doing good things for the children, instead it has everything to do with control.

This madness is not only happening in the supposed land of the free, either. The American Conservative has highlighted examples of extreme over-reach from the government as it pertains to child rearing and the state. Even the Daily Mail wrote about this problem and found a case where:

The parents of an autistic teenage boy were warned he would be taken into care after they objected to him being given powerful hormone drugs to help him change sex.

Doctors at an NHS clinic had recommended he be given puberty-blockers – which delay adolescence – after the youngster declared he believed he was female.

But his mother and father, fearing the potential side-effects of the drugs, stopped him going to the clinic. And they suspected his abrupt decision to change sex was a result of his autism.

It seems that even those children with mental hardships can be scooped up by the people of the village and forced to bow at the alter of Big Brother. This, ironically enough, being true even as some studies suggest that vaccines – administered for the good of the child – may have caused the initial problem. Even if this was not the case, it is not simply scientific theory that such hormone altering is dangerous, but rather, established scientific fact….especially in cases involving children.

Sadly, this falling away from common sense and reason is hardly anything new.  In the 1980’s, Tipper Gore, wife of global warming alarmist Al Gore, started the Parents Music Resource Center  (PMRC).  After being outraged by some lyrics from Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, The Dead Kennedy’s and others, this group set their sights on bringing down part of the music industry. Rather than “just” placing a label on the product to be purchased to alert parents to the message (which may or may not have been an affront to start with), the Tipper-lead group wanted to prevent the sale of the media to minors. It was, after all, “for the children” and their well-being, right?

Of course, all that this attempted ban did was to make the music more sought after than ever by anyone under the age of 18.  Keep in mind, transferring music to a cassette tape was an extremely popular occurrence during this time period, and these supposed know-it-alls like Tipper Gore were well aware of the fact that any music fan with access to a $50 boombox had more copies and cassettes than homework assignments in the 1980’s. Therefore, it can be deduced that the PMRC was never, at any point, interested in the children. This was more about acclimating everyone, particularly the youth at that time, to the idea that the government has the right to spy…..even on one’s record collection. This idea that everyone must accept what government wants to do without question was the motive, not protecting children from hearing Jello Biafra swear.

Today, ever-growing taxes are being paid by almost everyone reading these words, and some of that money is paying for the myth of man-made global warming…..once again for the good of the children. This in spite of the fact that the only proof of climate change (as described by the left) is found on computer models which have proven to be inaccurate time and time again.   Yet, everyone keeps forking over vast amounts of money to drive to work or to cool the family house.

Being openly scammed must also be for the children since, as the National Snow And Data Ice Center reported, the Arctic ice cap actually grew the same year Al Gore predicted it would disappear. But of course this was a story the mainstream media chose to completely ignore. Details showing the reality and hard scientific proof of this continues to fall on deaf ears.

All of this manipulation of feelings as they relate to children has real-world implications and outcomes, so it isn’t just something that should be looked at for just a single conversation and forgotten about. For instance, Mac Slavo warns of an “Orwellian Future: Facial Recognition & Mass Surveillance Is Coming To U.S. Schools.” This is happening right now and very little press is being given towards it since it is once again, “for the children.”

Common sense does have a role in this discussion. It is said that “The system, created by Canadian company SN Technologies, can apparently keep track of certain individuals in school grounds,” and the knee-jerk reaction is, “Great, no more smoking in the boys room. The PMRC will be happy.” Never mind the fact that this indoctrinates the children to accept this kind of constant surveillance without questioning it’s use. How about when the technology is used to spy on a child in their own home…for their own good, of course. Maybe at first the idea will be brought up to be used against parents suspected of wrong-doing, and later the question will arise, well, why not in every home? After all, “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!

In time, maybe those very children will grow up to be quite accepting of the government having to give the “OK” to every download from the net to make sure that it wasn’t pirated. Perhaps they will be so acclimated to being watched that they don’t develop into their own person at all, but simply, develop into whatever it is they think the camera wants them to be.

Certainly, not all of this technology is bad. Bracelets worn by choice to keep an eye on one’s child isn’t a bad thing, depending on how the data is stored and by who.  This type of thing would make sense In places like amusement parks, where parents and children can be easily separated, and children can wind up lost. Why not use this technology for something useful like that?  That’s fine, but the concern is about what limits there are (if any) on the use of this technology.  Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any limits at all.

So, with all of that said, it may well be worth cringing the next time that some politician or talking head starts blathering on about something being “for the children.” In the long run, it’s about a lot more than goodwill towards little junior.  As history has shown us, and as reality is still proving, the best thing for the children is to keep government and authority-driven snooping to a minimum.

Come to think of it, that goes for adults too.

Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, DJ, and musician with a strong pro-Libertarian & pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of “The Correct Views”, or “TCV”, which is a member show of the newsgroup “The Media Speaks”.  

You can contact Sam directly at thecorrectviews@hotmail.com.