George W. Bush: Brother Jeb ‘wants to be President’

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President George W. Bush says his brother Jeb would like to enter the family business of presidential politics.

“I think he wants to be President, I think he’d be a great President,” Bush told “FOX & Friends” on Thursday, as the President marks the start of the 4th annual Warrior Open golf tournament in Dallas to honor veterans.

“He understands what it’s like to be President … he’s seen his dad, he’s seen his brother. He’s a very thoughtful man and he’s weighing his options.”

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1 thought on “George W. Bush: Brother Jeb ‘wants to be President’”

  1. The problem with Jeb Bush as President of this country is I do not know where he stands on the issues. Republicans are enjoying the backlash against President Obama right now. I hear very little about what solutions they might come up with for the problems we have.
    I have always looked at Democrats as innovators and all for more taxes on all of us. So far that assessment seems to be coming true with Obama in the White House. The health care plan he put in is likely to bankrupt a lot of citizens in this country. His idea to open the southern border was a complete disaster.
    Democrats have traditionally been for the little guy. The working class and the unions have always supported the Democrats to one extent or another. They also have some fairly devilish policies on supporting things like abortion . . . while they innovate, the Republicans fail to reverse the things the Democrats put in. How convenient!
    The Republicans traditionally have been the supporters of those with money, lots of money. I guess that gives a new meaning to the word “professional” in political circles.
    The one thing I cannot forget is President Bush by executive order changed the rules concerning the VA benefits all military and former military enjoy. He was the one that put in a communist idea of restricting benefits according to your poverty level. The Republicans have never reversed it and neither have the Democrats. So much for either party being on the side of Veterans.
    Well, Mr. President where are you on VA Benefits?
    They got in but they didn’t change anything.
    It was a Republican Speaker of the House that compromised and supported Planned Parenthood which is notorious for supporting Abortion. So where does that place this man with the huge Christian backing the Republicans have always enjoyed? He is after all the leader of the Republican Party in Congress . . .
    Both parties have supported a huge welfare program over the last 20 years or more.
    The rules concerning tax breaks for marriage have gone against married couples for years now. So how is this supporting Christian marriage again?
    The other thing is the proven lies of the President of this country over the years.
    I am a little sick and tired of hearing lies out of government politicians with no penalty box for any of them.
    Just like the scandals of the banking community in the last 8 years. No one goes to jail over fraud allegations. I thought that was a Democrat in the White House?
    Guess I am getting confused as to what a Democrat is supposed to be in my old age.
    On the surface, Jeb Bush sounds like a good candidate for President. He appears clean cut.
    As for communicating with previous Presidents I think they should have a club. Because no human being out there has all of the answers. Because consulting with one’s veterans in the job means that person that gets the job might even be able to do a better job than anyone in the past.
    There are about a 1,000 or more issues out there that it would be nice to know where he stands on those issues.
    Just remember that if he is caught in one lie he is no better than the man in the office right now.
    Until the Christian majority get off their lazy bums and start keeping track of the party they support I do not see anything changing very drastically no matter who we elect President.

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