Get your money out of Britain: Global banks warn investors ‘Yes’ vote would be ‘cataclysmic’ for UK economy

Map Of Scotland - Photo by Rcsprinter123

International investors have been warned to pull their cash out of Britain to protect themselves against the ‘cataclysmic’ impact of Scottish independence.

Japan’s biggest bank, Nomura, warned sterling could plunge by 15 per cent in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote – amid warnings over a ‘run on UK assets’ threatening savings and pensions of ordinary families.

It came as it emerged David Cameron has pleaded with business chiefs to publicly warn against Scottish independence.

The Prime Minister asked company bosses at a Downing Street drinks event last night to ‘highlight the dangers of a Scottish exit in any way we can’.

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1 thought on “Get your money out of Britain: Global banks warn investors ‘Yes’ vote would be ‘cataclysmic’ for UK economy”

  1. I fail to understand the logic behind Scotland becoming independent.
    If they do and the country becomes totally bankrupt, who gains what?
    Or is Scotland contributing some huge amount of gross national product that England needs?
    Or is it the oil in the North Atlantic?
    Near as I can see, Scotland has a severe climate similar to Northern Canada.
    If they have no say as to what happens in their country under the British Commonwealth then that is one thing that would make them want independence. But if they have equal representation, then I do not see the advantage to becoming an independent country.
    Financially, it might turn into a huge disaster for Scotland as a whole.

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