GOP gets ready to go ‘nuclear’ over Trump

Nuclear Explosion

A lot of people are asking a very obvious question about Mitt Romney’s big speech today blasting Donald Trump and warning all voters that he is simply not fit to be president.

They’re asking why he did it. Because it seems like Romney’s efforts will only help the Trump cause. Remember that Trump’s entire allure to the voters seems to come from his open challenge to the establishment in both parties. And Romney’s efforts will surely be seen as proof that the more and more unpopular establishment is frantic to stop him.

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1 thought on “GOP gets ready to go ‘nuclear’ over Trump”

  1. I guess you have to consider the source of the opinion that Donald Trump is not fit to be President.
    Because Mitt Romney lost the last election for the Republican Party in his bid to become President.
    I remember the TV ads. I remember the numbers of people he put out of work in the name of business.
    Then what people do not know is that he was the only one in a court of law that could question whether or not his opponent was actually qualified to become President. AT least that is what the courts are doing. So by not challenging Obama’s qualifications he actually made sure he was president.
    Do I want to see his name on a ballot again? not really.

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