Government ‘Takes Custody’ Of Teen Girl, Forces Her To Go Through Chemotherapy

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A 17 year old girl in Hartford, Connecticut was forced to have chemotherapy against her will and was taken away from her parents by government agents after they supported her decision to pursue natural remedies to treat her cancer diagnosis.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma sufferer Cassandra Fortin refused to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the disease, and her family respected her decision. This prompted doctors at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to report the case to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, alleging that the parents were neglecting their daughter’s medical needs.

According to Cassandra’s mother, the pressure from the government agents caused her daughter to flee home for fear that she would be made to undergo the treatment, which involves flooding the body with chemical substances, including big pharma developed anti-cancer drugs, in order to kill rapidly dividing cells.

“CCMC reported to DCF that I was not giving medical attention to my daughter,” Cassandra’s mother, Jackie Forton told local reporters, adding that “She has always—even years ago—said that if she was diagnosed with cancer, she would not put poison into her body,”

The government agents reportedly tracked and apprehended Cassandra, then handing her over to doctors. The family claims that their daughter attempted to fight off the doctors, who literally strapped her down to a table and forced the treatment on her.

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1 thought on “Government ‘Takes Custody’ Of Teen Girl, Forces Her To Go Through Chemotherapy”

  1. The thing that no one needs to mess with is Cancer. Many a person has gone the alternative routes and then died when it didn’t work.
    That said, Chemotherapy is on a par with treating someone with leeches. Yes, they did treat people with leeches bleeding people and many a rich person was bled to death in the process.
    But we do have laws against treating cancer with anything but Chemotherapy. This dates back to the dark ages of our Congress attempting to make one treatment fit all. What were their qualifications to make such a law? It is for your own good . . .
    The Devil is alive and well and works in a Congress Office. Where do lawyers get off treating disease or making one treatment? Are they qualified medical doctors? If so what are they doing working as a lawyer?
    Since that law was put in place a lot of progress in cancer treatment has been made. Now the law hampers rather than helps people in need of treatment for Cancers.
    I have heard of several treatments being suppressed. Why? There was no profit in it for the drug industry. Watch the money! Because that is what it is all about.
    The problem with restricting medicine to a certain treatment is that the world does not stand still. New discoveries are made every day and because of laws put on the books by Congress, people have no choice but to take the less effective treatment.
    I would suggest that all such laws are basically unconstitutional.
    I cannot under the law tell anyone about any treatment. I do currently have the right to treat any disease that I have. But only on myself. Even if by some miracle, that treatment was 100% effective, the law is against anyone telling anyone else what worked for them.
    Even medical doctors with years and years of training are forbidden to step outside this law.
    And they(meaning the government) will take away any doctor’s license to practice medicine if they step outside this law.
    So what if there is a simple effective treatment somewhere? There is a Polish Doctor that has just spent years fighting the law because he has found an effective treatment for some cancers. He is in jeopardy of losing his license to practice medicine.
    In the 50s, a Russian discovered a polio vaccine. If it wasn’t under Russian law, he would have been arrested and the treatment buried.
    Millions of dollars were lost to this treatment because a whole generation of polio victims were in Iron Lungs.
    I can only speculate that in the 50s, the AMA and the drug administration did not have the control they have now.
    That they forced the treatment on an individual tells me that they should be made responsible to pay all the bills of said treatment to this girl. And that they are completely out of line forcing anything down someone’s throat.
    The first thing she needs is to be declared an adult.
    Then she needs to go after them tooth and nail suing where ever suit is likely to get her money.,
    Cancer is one of many cash cow industries. Diabetes type 2 and type 1 are very lucrative to the medical industry. Will we ever find a cure in this legal atmosphere. Sure. It will come from some country that the drug industry has no control over. And when it works dramatically in a few hundred cases, it will be published where no one can censor it.
    Then all hell will break loose as the parasitic industries attempt to suppress the cures.

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