Government To Resurrect Old Walmart As Prison: ‘Railroad Terminus Sits Directly Adjacent’

Wal-Mart - Photo by Ben Schumin

Flathead County of Montana has just recently submitted a bid to buy a closed Wal-Mart in the area of Evergreen, Montana (an unincorporated town adjacent to Kalispell).  The primary reason listed by the county for the purchase: for an expansion of the county jail.  Sounds “normal,” right?  Wrong.  There is a shortage of prison space in Kalispell, however, there is not that much crime in the area to warrant a purchase of this size.  And what is the size of the Wal-Mart?  130,000 square feet.

Quite an “addition,” wouldn’t you agree?  The capacity is listed for the existing county jailhouse as a facility that is built to house 63 prisoners at capacity holding on average 89 inmates at any given time.  So, then, if you do the math and even subtract half of the facility’s area for allocation of offices, administration, donuts, and the like, that would leave thousands of square feet per inmate.  As prisoners are crammed into cells, you can see the potential for having many cells.

And, if it is remodeled in the form of a prison, could that prison be “converted” for use by the Federal Government if they so desired?  Methinks the answer is yes.  Methinks that answer is actually the true purpose behind the whole thing.  Also chronicled in the local propaganda rags is the fact that tax levies are increasing that are already earmarked for an additional $10 million to go toward this project.  Best thing to do to track this: follow the money.  When those tax funds locally begin to be matched by federal funds from the regime, that will be the big indicator of the “shift” that will occur from county to fed control of the facility.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of space for prisoners until you realize that a warehouse full of cells is not ever how we do prisons in the U.S. Perhaps it OUGHT to be, but it never is. Prisons/county jails, have to have their cafeteria, their library/computer room, their exercise rooms (helping to build strong thugs twelve ways), and their gymnasium, as well as perhaps an internal clinic, and don’t forget the T.V. room. This is prison American-style, as prisons are built everywhere in this nation. It is why it costs us a veritable fortune to house prisoners and particularly to imprison them for life. It’s a burden we CHOOSE to saddle ourselves with.

    There is a curious thing about the math here, though: At full capacity, the prison will hold 63 prisoners; but it is expected to house 89 on an average basis. Leave it to government?

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