Wal-Mart Asks Workers To Donate Food To Its Needy Employees

An Oklahoma Wal-Mart store is holding a food drive for its own employees, according to labor organizers. The group Making Change At Wal-Mart posted a photo of the food drive to its Facebook page on Thursday. The photo shows a cardboard bin with a sign attached that reads:

Cops: 350-Pound Thief In Motorized Scooter Caught Sitting On Stolen Walmart Steaks

A 350-pound Wal-mart shopper was arrested yesterday after he was found sitting atop five stolen rib eye steaks in the seat of a motorized scooter that he was riding around the South Carolina store. Rodney Fowler, 43, was spotted Tuesday afternoon placing the steaks in his scooter by a Walmart loss prevention officer, according to a police report. “Suspect sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise,” cops noted.

Florida Man Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal Inside Walmart Store

While Johnson fled the store before he could be apprehended by Walmart security, he was subsequently arrested by Brooksville Police Department officers. In a written statement, Johnson admitted that, “I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal.” Noting that he committed a “horrible act,” Johnson added, “I need to think before what I do.