How the South is becoming a solid band of poverty: One in three live in poor neighborhoods

Poverty - U.S. Census Bureau

The number of Americans living in poor neighborhoods has skyrocketed in the last decade – and nowhere is the trend more prominent than in the South, where more than 30percent of the population is concentrated in an area with high poverty.

A grim new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows a solid band of high poverty neighborhoods – running from Arizona east to North Carolina. Only Florida and Virginia are spared from the trend.

The data show that poverty in the United States isn’t just growing, it’s becoming more concentrated – which can exacerbate social problems and lower the chances of social mobility.

The Census report points out that the number of people living under the federal poverty line – less than $24,000 a year for a family of four – has increased between 2000 and 2010. The number of Americans living in poverty climbed 45percent to 45million.

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1 thought on “How the South is becoming a solid band of poverty: One in three live in poor neighborhoods”

  1. How many of those states have anti-union laws?
    How many are Right to Work states?
    The same people hired by corporations have attempted to put these laws on the books in Ohio. They have failed so far.
    Most of the people attempting to get signatures to put things like this on the ballot appear to be unware of the implications of such a law. Or how it directly effects people’s wages everywhere.
    Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky wants such a law. I follow his writings and was disappointed that he was backing that kind of thing. Though Republicans everywhere seem to be for it.
    I suggest that the same bunch of people want the jobs to go overseas. The wages are much cheaper overseas. But no one seems to be aware that their paychecks are indirectly being paid by the wage earners here. Throwing the wage earners under the bus seems to be popular in Congress.
    The Congress is the greatest mental institution in the world.
    No where else would they be doing as much to cut their own throats financially than this institution.
    Yet the middle class over the years has absorbed so many idiots that appear to be doing just that.
    Everything from dismantling the food to market structure to allowing corporations free rein in sending any high paying job abroad, which was another dismantling of a depression error trick to keep us all solvent where there is unfair competition.
    Any job that leaves our shores, needs a tariff to capture whatever wages are lost plus a healthy fine for doing so.
    A few years back, we have a fictional series that is still going on. Nookie Thompson was the central character of a prohibition style politician. This character was a 1920s style Republican. He was the Treasurer for Atlantic City in the fictional series. This man was totally corrupted by money.
    Yet as the series began he was seen talking to numerous groups of prohibitioners about the evil sin of liquor. He was playing the church card for all it was worth, then doing exactly what Republicans always do. He was supporting the alcohol industry big time behind the scenes.
    I suggest before we elect the current group of Nookie Thompsons that we take a really close look at what they are really all about. I think the HBO Series Boardwalk Empire starts back up in the Fall. If half of what this fictional series portrays is true, Republicans everywhere should beware.
    Republicans for years have played the church card and the people while supporting an entirely different agenda when they reach the Congress.
    These same people are the current version of authorities that Christ ran up against in Israel.
    Yet ministers everywhere seem to go for just that kind of person to represent us in Congress.
    These Republicans are dominant throughout the South. They suck up to big money. In a lot of cases the rule by omission rather than commission.
    The same person that changed the rules of the Florida Convention last time to keep Ron Paul from having a say, is still in office and still represents a group of people in Ohio. He is third in line for the throne. If something happens to both the President and Vice President, the Speaker of the House becomes President at least temporarily. Possibly for the rest of this term of office.
    What is it all about? It is about setting up rules for all of us to live by that give us a reasonable chance of success in life. The deep South is a direct result of Republican Rule.
    At one time, the Demoncrats did actually represent the people. Do not see that happening with the current bunch. So the result is the whole country is becoming the deep south.

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