Is There A Reason Why Demonic Possession Seems To Be Getting A Lot More Common In Our Society?

In this article, I am going to share some things with you that defy “rational explanation”.  As our society has become increasingly obsessed with the occult, experts that deal with cases of demonic possession report that they have seen a huge surge in demand in recent years.  Many of those that reach out for help are absolutely desperate, because often the torment caused by the demons is almost unbearable.  Unfortunately, the movies, television shows, books and video games that draw so many of our young people to the world of the occult just keep getting even darker and even more “realistic”.  So it is quite likely that the surge in demonic activity in our society will only continue to escalate.

Of course a lot of people out there never spend too much time thinking about such things because they cannot see into that realm.

But once in a while, all of us have the opportunity to get a glimpse into what is happening on the other side.

For example, a grandmother named Tory McKenzie recently set up a motion-activated camera to try to determine what was causing her tw0-year-old granddaughter so much distress during the night.

It turns out that the camera did capture an image of what her two-year-old granddaughter was seeing, and when she saw what it was Tory McKenzie completely freaked out

Tory McKenzie set up a motion-activated camera at her son’s house after complaints his two-year-old daughter Amber McKenzie was talking to something unseen in the middle of the night.

The 41-year-old checked her camera’s app four days later to find a bone-chilling image of a figure standing inches away from the sleeping tot and her seven-month-old brother Michael McKenzie, with ‘a horn on its head and long claws’.

You can see a photo of the creature right here.  In a desperate attempt to get it to leave, Tory McKenzie started “burning oils”, but that only stirred up the creature even more…

When she tried to rid the house, which was hers but is now owned by her son, of the ‘evil presence’ by burning oils, she claims cabinets and curtains opened and closed and music began to play by itself.

These things are very real, and as incidents become increasingly common throughout our society even the mainstream media is starting to pay attention.

In fact, a few years ago the Washington Post actually featured a guest article by a psychiatrist about his experiences with demonic possession…

Assaults upon individuals are classified either as “demonic possessions” or as the slightly more common but less intense attacks usually called “oppressions.” A possessed individual may suddenly, in a type of trance, voice statements of astonishing venom and contempt for religion, while understanding and speaking various foreign languages previously unknown to them. The subject might also exhibit enormous strength or even the extraordinarily rare phenomenon of levitation. (I have not witnessed a levitation myself, but half a dozen people I work with vow that they’ve seen it in the course of their exorcisms.) He or she might demonstrate “hidden knowledge” of all sorts of things — like how a stranger’s loved ones died, what secret sins she has committed, even where people are at a given moment. These are skills that cannot be explained except by special psychic or preternatural ability.

Of course many others have reported witnessing similar things.  Just consider this quote from a Catholic priest named Vince Lampert

“I’ve seen levitation, eyes rolled to the back of the head, foaming at the mouth, people falling on the floor and slither like a snake across the ground,” Lampert said. “Speaking languages otherwise unknown to an individual, exhibiting superhuman strength.”

What would you do if you suddenly saw someone levitate or start slithering around on the ground like a snake as they speak in Latin?

Another exorcist named James Cloud that has “performed hundreds of exorcisms” says that many people willingly open up doors to dark spirits

He said drugs, ouija boards and a whole host of dark materials on the internet can open you up to dark spirits.

“As the years go by, the cases are getting darker.”

This is just one of the reasons why I encourage my readers to be very careful about what “entertainment” they bring into their homes.

As a teenager, Jenny Weaver was fascinated by the witchcraft that she saw practiced in a popular movie, and pretty soon she was deeply immersed in the occult

Feeling powerless and unloved, Jenny started cutting and smoking pot. Then she saw a movie about teen witches that showed her a way to take charge of her life. Soon, she was pouring over books about witchcraft, Wicca, and the occult, and trying spells with her friends.

“Wiccan religion is, ‘Do what you want, but do no one any harm.’” says Jenny. “It’s kind of like, ‘Oh, it’s the good witch.’ I felt like I had power,” says Jenny. “And, so, I’m looking at this like, ‘Oh, this is the most amazing thing ever.’”

Unfortunately for Weaver, the fun did not last for very long.  Pretty soon, the torment from the demon spirits that she had invited to be around her became quite nightmarish

“You would feel demon spirits literally walking by you like a human being was walking by you,” says Jenny. “Touching you. Scraping the wall. It went from, ‘Oh, this is gonna be really fun,’” says Jenny, “into, ‘I’m gonna choke you out until you die. I’m gonna take your life.’ All the time. Constantly tormented.”

This sort of thing is far more common than most of us would like to admit.

In fact, many “mental health disorders” actually have a spiritual cause, and some mainstream scientists are starting to figure this out.

For instance, M. Kemal Irmak just had a paper published in the Journal of Religion and Health that explored the link between schizophrenia and demonic possession

As seen above, there exist similarities between the clinical symptoms of schizophrenia and demonic possession. Common symptoms in schizophrenia and demonic possession such as hallucinations and delusions may be a result of the fact that demons in the vicinity of the brain may form the symptoms of schizophrenia. Delusions of schizophrenia such as “My feelings and movements are controlled by others in a certain way” and “They put thoughts in my head that are not mine” may be thoughts that stem from the effects of demons on the brain. In schizophrenia, the hallucination may be an auditory input also derived from demons, and the patient may hear these inputs not audible to the observer. The hallucination in schizophrenia may therefore be an illusion—a false interpretation of a real sensory image formed by demons. This input seems to be construed by the patient as “bad things,” reflecting the operation of the nervous system on the poorly structured sensory input to form an acceptable percept. On the other hand, auditory hallucinations expressed as voices arguing with one another and talking to the patient in the third person may be a result of the presence of more than one demon in the body. (p. 776)

So what should people do if they think that they have opened a door to demonic spirits?

Well, Jenny Weaver says that she finally got free when someone led her in a prayer to renounce witchcraft

“I would say, ‘I renounce,’ and if I would try to say it at first, it was like ‘Wwww,’ and they wouldn’t let me,” says Jenny. “It was like my mouth was—I couldn’t even get the words, and they would say, ‘Rrrr, we’re not—we’re not leaving, no.’ And they would curse and spit,” says Jenny. “It was very, very, very crazy.”


“I knew there was a release,” says Jenny. “I could tell, I could feel it. I knew. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m free. They’re gone. They’re gone.’ And I was just, ‘Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus,’” says Jenny.

As we get even deeper into the end times, supernatural manifestations will become increasingly common.

Hollywood has exported occult culture all over the globe, and on a daily basis millions upon millions of people are opening up spiritual doors that they shouldn’t be opening.

This is creating a massive worldwide spiritual crisis, but the vast majority of the people out there still do not understand what is happening.

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6 thoughts on “Is There A Reason Why Demonic Possession Seems To Be Getting A Lot More Common In Our Society?”

  1. When Harry Potter came out, there was a revival of witchcraft, wicca, satanism, etc in America. It has been growing every since. The public schools teach Harry Potter and other books that are occultic. If you go on the internet and put in witchcraft in America, you will be shocked by what is happening in this nation. The LORD has been showing me this for almost 11 years. The majority of the population in America are in some form of the occult. It is worse that any of us can imagine.

    • Hello Brenda, I agree. America is getting worse and worse. We need Repent or Perish Because The Kingdom Of God is at hand!🙌✝️🤍

    • I concur, while the Harry Potter stories became quite popular, there was a hidden and nefarious goal of installing demonic mindset. I believe that the movie industry is overrun with enemies of God.

  2. I always ask people: How many demons did Jesus drive out during His time on earth? Reading the Word of God should give you the answer and can you even IMAGINE how much worse things are now? There is only 1 way to get rid of demons and that is Jesus Christ! Call His name and believe and be saved TODAY! Ladies and gentleman there is not much time left and God’s judgement will fall and then it will be true hell on earth.
    Again: TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION……we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.
    Choose: Heaven or Hell…….those are your 2 choices. CHOOSE WISELY!
    Those with ears to hear…..may you hear. Praying for the lost……DAILY (many times)

  3. Wow! When I was a child I accepted Jesus as my Savior.
    I fell away as i grew older and got lost into the world. Although i carried God in my heart, i never gave my life to him completely off and on going to churches through periods of my life.
    I was diagnosed as a Schizophrenic in 2007. A battle I’m still fighting.! I have offen wondered if this illness was
    demonic, but couldn’t prove anything. Recently I have come back to God again and this time I’m not taking my eyes off him. Thankyou for this article.

  4. Having worked as a psychiatric crisis interventionist for years, primarily with children and teens, I have felt much the same as you are stating; namely that there is a common thread to some mental health issues, and that it stems from evil entities. I have talked with thousands of kids and adults who hear voices, and when I’ve asked them what the voices say, the answers are almost always eerily similar. They hear statements like, “You’re worthless”, “Nobody likes you”, and “Kill yourself”, and these have been voiced over and over by patients from very different social, cultural and economic backgrounds, even by some who grew up in other countries. It’s almost always the same, and the vast majority of these people do not have any other significant symptoms of mental illness. They may be diagnosed as schizophrenic or psychotic, but having worked for decades with actual schizophrenics, their signs and symptoms are not the same at all. It is something I have talked about with very few mental health or medical professionals, as it is a really taboo subject, but I’ve seen these issues too many times to think it’s just some aberration or coincidence.

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