Jeb Bush says he would not rule out the use of torture by the government

Jeb Bush - Photo by the World Affairs Council

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush declined to rule out resuming the use of torture under some circumstances by the U.S. government if he becomes president.

The former Florida governor said Thursday that in general, he believes torture is inappropriate, and that he was glad his brother, former President George W. Bush, largely ended the CIA’s use of the techniques before he left office. The CIA used waterboarding, slapping, nudity, sleep deprivation, humiliation and other methods to coerce al-Qaida detainees — methods the military would be prohibited from using on prisoners of war.

“I don’t want to make a definitive, blanket kind of statement,” Bush told an audience of Iowa Republicans, when asked whether he would keep in place or repeal President Barack Obama’s executive order banning so-called enhanced interrogation techniques by the CIA.

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1 thought on “Jeb Bush says he would not rule out the use of torture by the government”

  1. This policy is from a “good” Catholic Christian?
    One of the things about the Republican Party that appeals to millions of people is their stand on Christianity.
    When an individual in power uses things that are inappropriate that tells me volumes about what their true belief system must be.
    As for torturing prisoners, are these intelligence people out of the dark ages? Torture was discarded because of its limited value for producing valuable information as well as being signed off on by the Geneva Convention.
    Torture is inefficient. Most people will tell you what you want to hear after being intimidated with torture not likely the truth.
    They will attempt to make it convincing.
    My own thought is that IF these people are true to their religion there are many ways to use that against them.
    As far back as the 1880s or further laughing gas has been used against people to make them simply tell the truth as they know it. That too was signed off on by the Geneva Convention which we are part of.
    There is a limited value in torture. Or it would never have been used in the first place.
    But Jeb I think you need to talk to your priest.
    Torturing prisoners is not part of being a Christian.

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