Joanie Stahl: “I Knew That The Lord Was Showing Me The Final Condition Of This Nation”

What do you think God sees when He looks at America right now?  On Monday, Joanie Stahl sent me a vision that she just had, and it is quite graphic.  But I thought that it had a very powerful message for our nation, and so I asked Joanie if I could share it with all of you.  She said yes, and I encourage you to share this vision with everyone that you can.  The hour is late, the moral condition of our nation is rapidly deteriorating, and there is no hope for us unless we repent.  Here is here vision…

Just yesterday morning, as I was sitting in my living room, getting ready to go into prayer, like I always do, I prepare my heart and enter in slowly. As I was in that quietness, I had a waking vision, the second one I have had within this year.

It lasted seconds but I knew what I saw, and I want to note that my mind was perfectly clear. So when I saw the vision it was very impactful and I knew it was from God.

I saw what looked like a huge, disgusting, rotten, corrupted, festering, infected wound. I mean it was like the most rotten wound full of oozing puss and decayed blood coming out of it. It was raised up as if there was so much hideous infection underneath. It was those kind of rotten wounds that stink, though I am not saying I could smell anything. Only that I could imagine the stench of rotten flesh. Then all of a sudden it was as if that sore was brought closer for me to see. Behind the disgusting wound was all blackness. I then saw in it, hordes of people. So many people like a sea of humanity, and all of them were screaming, I could see all these arms reaching out of it, due to the heavy suffering in that filthy wound. It is hard to describe but to put it simply, I knew that the Lord was showing me the final condition of this nation. I knew it perfectly.

The vision I had before that was a few months ago, I do not have the exact date but it was about 4 months ago.

The same thing happened as in the other vision I just shared with you, and I had a clear mind, and was at peace.

I had gotten up at about 4 am, the same time I always rise for prayer. I sat down in the living room and was preparing myself for prayer. As I was entering into prayer, and about to start talking to the Lord I began to see in a vision in my eyes, a swarm of flies. They were the horrible ones, the carcass eating ones. They were thick, black and disgusting. I was sitting there thinking in my mind, “Lord what am I seeing?” After I said that, the vision was still happening and I saw the vision grow, and as it did, underneath where the heavy swarm of those filthy flies was a rotten, decomposing carcass of a human. But it was in the stages of liquifying. It was so hideous and rotten, so disgustingly rotten. And I knew by understanding that that was the condition of our nation. I know because that was resounding within my spirit. IF I could put words to it, the Lord was saying to me, by showing me that this nation is past the point of no return and it is a stench to Him. That that is how He sees it now.

I know it I used some graphic language, but in all honesty the words do not even the picture of what I saw, heard, knew and felt.

I wrote this to show you what you are seeing, and saying is going to be that bad.

Thank you for posting the dreams. God bless you and your family…Maranatha!