John Bolton Warns That Obama May Divide The Land Of Israel At The UN Before The Inauguration


Is Barack Obama about to make the most catastrophic decision of his entire presidency?  Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is warning that there is “a lot of speculation” over at UN headquarters right now about “resolutions that recognize a Palestinian state or that try and set a boundary for Israel based on the 1967 ceasefire lines”.  Of course this would have to happen before the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, because Trump has already made it quite clear that he will not support any UN resolution of such nature.  Knowing that Trump is about to take office, advocates of the “two state solution” are putting an immense amount of pressure on Obama to support a UN Security Council resolution that would permanently divide the land of Israel while he is still in the White House, and at this moment we do not know what Barack Obama’s final decision will be.

Most Americans have no idea that this drama is playing out behind the scenes, but those in the know are very much aware of what is happening.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an article entitled “Obama’s Israel Surprise?” that discussed the possibility of Obama supporting a UN Security Council resolution that would permanently divide the land of Israel, and the New York Times editorial board has formally endorsed such a resolution.

The rest of the UN Security Council is ready to agree to such a resolution, and at this point the only obstacle is getting Barack Obama’s approval.  That is why it was so exceedingly alarming to wake up on Sunday morning and read former UN Ambassador John Bolton’s very chilling warning about what could soon happen at the UN.  The following comes from an article on the website of The Hill

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton warned Sunday that President Obama should not take any actions before leaving office that could hurt Israel at the U.N.

Bolton said during an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis that there is “a lot of speculation over in Turtle Bay at U.N. headquarters about resolutions that recognize a Palestinian state or that try and set a boundary for Israel based on the 1967 ceasefire lines.”

“I think that’d be very inadvisable for the president to do that,” he said.

John Bolton is still very tied in to the international community, and Donald Trump is reportedly actively considering asking him to serve as Secretary of State.

Needless to say, I would take what he is saying very, very seriously.

So what would this potential UN Security Council resolution look like?

Well, it would likely accomplish three historic things…

1. It would give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state for the very first time.

2. It would grant East Jerusalem to the Palestinians as the capital of their new state.

3. It would establish the 1967 ceasefire lines as the basis for final negotiations for borders between the two states.

Up until now, the U.S. government’s veto power on the UN Security Council has always blocked anti-Israel resolutions from passing, but earlier this year the Obama administration said that such a “parameters resolution” was now “on the table”.

And at this point we still don’t know what Obama is going to ultimately decide, but the Trump transition team is so concerned about this that they recently warned Obama “against making moves on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his last months in office”.

But no matter how much they object, the truth is that Trump and his team cannot actually do anything to stop Obama.

If Obama decides to betray Israel at the UN, it is going to happen.

And of course the Israeli government is extremely concerned about what might take place as well.  According to the New York Post, the Israelis asked Secretary of State John Kerry if the Obama administration would promise to veto any anti-Israel resolutions at the UN for the remainder of Obama’s term, and Kerry flatly refused to make such a promise…

Israel faces a unique window of danger from Nov. 9 to Jan. 20: What might President Obama do in his final days in office to slam the Jewish state?

Start with Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent flat refusal to promise a US veto on any upcoming anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council.

On Saturday, Haaretz reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Kerry he’s counting on Washington to stick to its policy of nixing anti-Israel resolutions. Kerry’s reply: The administration has yet to make a decision on the matter.

Perhaps equally as alarming is what Obama told the Palestinians.  In October, Obama reportedly told them to wait until after the election for any action at the UN Security Council…

On the surface, the latest message to the Palestinian Authority from the Obama administration is no different from the past two decades of American policy: the U.S. will veto any resolution attacking Israel or demanding Palestinian independence without them first making peace with the Jewish state. But, as Haaretz reported, there was one significant caveat to the warning. They were told not to push for any such resolution until after the presidential election next month.

So why would it be so catastrophic if Obama decides to support a UN Security Council resolution that permanently divides the land of Israel?

Well, John Kilpatrick, Shane Warren, Bob Jones and many others have warned that when we divide the land of Israel, our land will be divided too.

Whether it is Barack Obama, Donald Trump or some other president that does it, someday this will happen.

And when this happens, the floodgates will open and judgment after judgment will hit this nation.  I have warned about many of these events in my latest book, and I hope to write much more about what is coming in the months ahead.

So right now we are in “the danger zone” until January 20th, 2017.

If we can get to January 20th and Donald Trump is peacefully inaugurated and the land of Israel has not been divided, perhaps we can all breathe a little bit easier for a while.

But if the land of Israel is divided between now and then, the consequences for this nation are going to be more severe than most people would dare to imagine.

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11 thoughts on “John Bolton Warns That Obama May Divide The Land Of Israel At The UN Before The Inauguration”

  1. Christians: pray, pray, pray against this wicked operation. Pray for these maneuvers to cease, in Jesus’ name. May none of Barack Obama’s works prosper. May they ALL be in vain. May he be taken in the craftiness of his own devices.

    If we divide Israel’s land – – God will divide ours.

    • I hope this is all nothing, but our Abba has me spending a great deal of time in prayer at this time. I thought it would back off after the election but instead it has only increased! As you said Bro, “pray, pray, pray”! God bless you and all my other Family members. I hope to be back on Disqus more when the great urgency for prayer passes.

  2. Whenever I read about some American politician wanting to divide Israel, I always think of GOD dividing the United Sates. And the same three words then enter my mind:




    Learn about this fault line and it’s history. If it ruptures, it has the potential to drop bridges – both road and rail – that cross the Mississippi River. Think about that. One magnitude 7 – 8 earthquake could not only shut down east-west traffic by truck and train, but could also block a thousand miles of vessel traffic going north and south on the Mississippi. When you consider the commerce carried by those venues, it would bring the United States to a complete standstill.

    Adam is correct. As I told my men’s group last Saturday, Obama can still perpetrate a great deal of evil between now and January 20th, and it appears that his inner Narcissist will not be silenced even after he leaves office. I pray for the salvation of Obama, Soros, and the rest of the Devil’s henchmen, but if GOD does not turn their hearts then I pray that He will send an angel to thwart their plans.

  3. Israel provides the electrical power and fresh drinking water to the Palestinians. Israel just has to warn the U.N. if you divide us, then Palestine can make their own drinking water and power, or the U.N. and provide it for them.

  4. Israel will not comply with this resolution if Obama does not veto this resolution. You will then see invasion forces from the UN and the surrounding Muslim countries around Israel to make take back the spoil and attempt to remove the Israeli citizens from this land after the 1967 War. Will this be the Ezekiel 38 and 39 or Psalm 83 war?

    Of course God can stop this supernaturally from happening. The US also not only has.the Madrid fault slipping but the US has the great subduction faults off the Pacific Northwest that could trigger a 9.0+ earthquake which would trigger giant tsunamis up and down the west coasts that could wipe out coastal cities all along the west coast.

    On top then there is the famous San Andreas fault in California that could major damage to LA and SF.

    Can you imagine what would happen to the US if the Madrid Faults, faults of the Pacific Northwest and the San Andreas Fault all had earthquakes occur at the same time?

  5. The Palestinian authority have sworn to wipe Israel out, and they have not backed off on their goal. They don’t want half the country, they want it all. Obama is an ignorant and evil man, but God is greater than Obama. Let Obama’s life, and those of his family, be accursed forever.

  6. Land for Peace never worked in the past and with the current terrorists running that country, it never will…. this just gives them more freedom to kill. Obama is a traitor, and I will personally hold him accountable as a murderer for everyone who is killed after this.

  7. Problem is Donald Trump is in on the plan too but many Christians are too blind to see that they’ve only been deceived into taking political sides. The Anti Christ controls both sides of the political divide and this whole scenario has been set up for exactly this to happen to Israel so that chaos will reign. The bible tells of a coming darkness that will envelope the earth. Trump isn’t a saviour and Christians all over the world should prepare for the inevitable. Even if Obama doesn’t carry it out, Trump is completely unpredictable and has already reneged on many of his pre-election promises. There are Christians in Palestine and in Israel too. These are God’s people too. Christians should start praying for the body of Christ rather than pray for the postponement of the inevitable. Chaos and darkness and a false hope and false peace will have to reign on earth for a short while in order for the second coming of Christ to happen. Pray for the body of Christ everywhere during this time. God will take care of Israel himself as part of his end time plan.

  8. The Palestinian homeland was created in 1922 as the British divided “Palestinian Mandate” (created by the League of Nations, the old UN) into Trans-Jordan Palestine (Now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan AKA Jordan) and the portion of the Mandate intended for the Jews under the Balfour Decree.

    Since the Palestinian Authority has declared that they will “Push the Jews into the (Mediterranean) Sea,” they have declared war under international law. Any UN resolution about “Palestinian territories” would violate existing UN law. The UN has never taken land away from the winners of a war.

    The only legal issue on the table is that the 1947 UN declaration mandated the walled city of Jerusalem as a UN controlled territory. Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt violated that mandate in 1948.

    The “Palestinian Refugees” were people running from the Arab League, not from Israel.

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