Why Jurassic Park Is Closer Than You Think

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A new startup company, Cambrian Genomics, has enabled the average citizen to modify or create DNA, literally inventing new life forms. Cambrian, the brainchild of Austin Heinz, has found funding from a variety of venture capitalists, raising $10 million to expand the business. Currently, most of Cambrian’s orders come from pharmaceutical companies, but anyone with the money — not an enormous expense, only five to six cents per DNA letter — can design and print whatever their imagination wishes.

Heinz views the technology as more than just the science fiction it would seem to be; he believes it will one day be possible to design and print modified humans — basically, to make designer babies. Of course, the power to design new life raises important ethical issues, and has not just a few people alarmed. As it stands, there are several major problems with the future which Heinz has envisioned.

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  1. The thing is our lifespans are dependent on DNA Coding.
    Our intelligence or lack thereof is dependent on the same coding.
    What that means is in the near future we may be re-writing the very codes that our lives depend on.
    Or we may be writing code that eliminates the obsolete coding of the human species on this planet.
    Aging has been defined by science in the last 10-20 years.
    For instance when a group of cells goes cancerous the aging mechanism goes wrong as well.
    Cancer cells in laboratories tend to live 4-10 times longer than normal cells would. The reason being that they no longer drop data as they reproduce. They have lost the aging curse.

    The cells normally drop a certain amount of data on a microscopic level each time they reproduce. This results in us falling apart somewhere between the age of 50-120 years. Most of us realistically can live to 80. Anything over that is pure luck of the draw. It is not uncommon for people to live to 100 or better. It is uncommon for them to live much beyond that. What is left is a wrinkled skinned individual with various signs of aging. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, are all common ways of death causes.

    The problem is without death the planet cannot substain us as a species for very long. There is always a new generation born to take our places.
    Eugenetics was a way of life in ancient India. Yes, I do think they had a highly educated technical civilization destroyed by natural disasters.
    China had a similar situation.

    The secret to incredibly long life was lost in the process. The Indian texts describe a coral plant extract that literally caused the immune system to respond in such a way as to “cure” the aging process and leave the individual that survived this vulnerable only to accidental death. Those individuals that did survive were placed in training to lead India in the ancient past.
    I mention this only because the Bible says there is literally “nothing new under the sun.”
    Right now there are over 400 diseases attached to our genetic code in the human species.
    We have a female side of the human species that has difficulty giving birth to our children.
    C Sections are currently very common in this country.
    We have 46 chromosomes. Two of those chromosomes are double the size of the rest. Our nearest biological species all have 48 chromosomes and they are all of normal size. So much for evolution as a single cause of advancement in humans.
    A double sized Chromosome could be the result of altering the genetic code of all of us sometime in the past.
    For it to be reproduce-able it would have to have a matching Chromosome., thus the 46 instead of 48 number. Two double chromosomes.

    Can we clear up everything with DNA coding?
    The answer is a qualified “yes”. But what we are currently dealing with is 7 billion people. Each time the deck is shuffled a new individual person emerges. There is a bell curve here. That bell curve delivers defective human beings. It also delivers multi-talented individuals that are both luck of the draw and individuals developed over thousands of years of families with superior programming in their genes.
    So to deliberately program a perfect human being is theoretically possible. There is a whole lot of ground between what is possible and what actually happens.

    The fly in the ointment here is that computers might actually be able to do it. I doubt seriously if they can weed out all of the junk in the genes.

    Beware though. If the old testament descriptions are right, we might be contending with a species over our own watching every move we make in that direction. WHEN it happens, they might move in and decide to eliminate the problem.
    Enoch describes “watchers” that oversee the Human Species. Those watchers might have destroyed most of the human race in prehistory.
    One error in judgment might have been our lifespan of approximately 900 years prior to the flood.
    One reason why humans no longer live that long is the food supply has gotten weak. We may not be getting the correct intake of food of the right kind to make living that long possible.
    So redesigning the food to match our needs is very possible as a partial solution to aging.
    The real problem with all of this is going to be keeping the human population within a level where we can feed ourselves. Because the real bag of worms that is technology has to keep up with our ability to stay solvent. It has to keep up with our social ability to get along with one another without one population going out and attempting to destroy others with wars, plague, starvation, and basic poverty.
    Until the human species on this planet learns basic survival skills then nothing in altering a genetic code is going to help long term.

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