Just A Coincidence? On May 1 Chuck Missler Died – On May 31 Spelling Bee Winning Word Was “Koinonia”

I was a big fan of Chuck Missler, and he will be greatly missed.  As many of you already know, he was the founder of Koinonia House, and the following incredible “coincidence” comes to us from our friends at the Daily Crow

On the first day of May, Koinonia House founder Chuck Missler died. On the last day of May the National Spelling Bee winner becomes champion by spelling “koinonia“. Spelling bee winner is 14-year-old Texan who spelled ‘koinonia’ correctly. Koinonia – Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians. On the same day as the spelling bee, Samantha Bee is in hot water for speaking words that no mainstream publication is able to spell…Samantha Bee apologizes for vile, ‘c-word’ attack on Ivanka Trump.

So do you believe that this was just a coincidence?

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