Kamala Harris And Her Team Rehearsed The Debate Attack On Joe Biden Over And Over Again

Kamala Harris completely changed the trajectory of the race for the Democratic nomination when she brutally attacked former Vice President Joe Biden during the last debate, and it turns out that moment had been rehearsed by Harris and her team over and over again.  It was a cold, calculated political gamble that is now paying off big time.  The following comes from Politico

While walking through her planned exchange with Biden over busing, Harris’ campaign planned for a variety of answers from him, from contrition to a more measured approach to the more forceful denial of the position that he ended up giving — a stance that was called out by fact-checkers as untrue given his past quotes rejecting the wisdom of busing.

Harris herself ended up settling on a line that within minutes would appear in social media memes and just a few hours later would be screen printed on t-shirts selling for $29 on her website: “That little girl was me,” she said, of her desegregated class.