Married Florida doctor accused of drugging three female patients with cocaine and sedatives and repeatedly sexually assaulting them

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McBath - Photo from Facebook

A Florida doctor has been accused of repeatedly drugging at least three female patients with cocaine and sedatives and sexually assaulting them.


Dr Daniel McBath, an osteopath from Dade City had his license restricted by the state last week for ‘egregious and predatory’ behavior involving three women.

Under an emergency order issued by the Department of Health, McBath can no longer treat female patients at his McBath Medical Center at 23933 17th Street in Dade City.

According to the 34-page order signed by State Surgeon General John Armstrong and cited by WPTV, McBath repeatedly drugged and sexually assaulted a patient with a history of abuse between June 2009 and January 2014.

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  • Carrie

    Is this for real?? This creep’s “punishment” consists of having his clients restricted to just being male? Wow, awesome. That’ll teach ‘im, right? This tells medical professionals everywhere that they can ra pe with impunity and still keep their paychecks flowing and not have to worry about any pesky prison sentences for ruining those women’s lives.