Marty Breeden: “I looked up into the skies and saw what appeared to be hundreds of missiles flying overhead and inbound!”

Marty Breeden just had another very alarming dream, and considering what is going on in Ukraine right now I believe that it is very timely…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had such a dream as I did last night.

I never claim that my dreams are absolutely from the Lord so pray about it.

I certainly don’t know the timing of the events, if in fact is is from the Lord.

The dream:

Wednesday April 7, 2021

The dream started and I was watching what appeared to be the Russian Military loading several very large ICBM’s into their silos.

Then next, it seemed that I was walking with one of my daughters on the street of a large city.
(Possibly Washington DC)

It was a nice, clear and warm day out as I saw people laughing and having a good time.

Suddenly there were ALERTS going off EVERYWHERE!

On our phones, on radios, I could even hear it over loudspeakers.

It said:


It was then that I looked up into the skies and saw what appeared to be hundreds of Missiles flying overhead and inbound!

Then simultaneously, I saw what appeared to be a retaliatory strike, with many many Missiles flying outbound.

My daughter and I quickly went to find shelter and every place was packed with people.

I distinctly recall during all this, that I personally had NO FEAR of what was about to take place.

As my daughter and I went from building to building and could not get in….

I then saw the skies FILLED with Military aircraft!!

I saw both friend and foe.

(I remember having this dream repeatedly as a child about the skies being filled with planes!)

At one point, my daughter looked at me and said;

“Daddy, WHAT are we going to do?”

I looked at her in my dream and said:

“Honey, we have nothing to fear or worry about because we are headed to Heaven!…we are in God’s hands!”

I then awoke….

2 thoughts on “Marty Breeden: “I looked up into the skies and saw what appeared to be hundreds of missiles flying overhead and inbound!””

  1. No, that won’t happen. Prime Creator is not allowing any nuclear holocausts here and has been intervening to block such plans. This Ukraine/Russia plot is not the first time the cabal tried to exterminate us with nukes. You have to understand that these bad deeds only happen if God allows them to happen. Even Lucifer acknowledged this. If God forbids XXX, all plans for XXX will never come to fruition.

    I’ve had my own messages and I’ve been told that the world will turn back from the brink of war. World leaders will fall and then all will see our second sun. That’s when all hell breaks loose because people will be asking questions as to how long their government have known this and why haven’t they been told. Right now, they governments are following the Bliss Protocol whereby the masses are kept in blissful ignorance. But it’s coming and we will know it.

    This was their public service announcement:

  2. Wednesday, April 7th, I dreamed I was with a small group of people in a safe house somewhere near the Russian border. We had been told to stay inside until buses could come to evacuate us.

    Outside, friendlies were covering the windows with big sheets of red cardboard. We were able to look out though, and saw, across the river, a dozen large greyhound type buses lined up side-by-side to pick up troops who had surrendered in an invasion of some sort. The troops were marched around behind the buses, then systematically executed. I watched as bodies began piling up.

    When I realized what was going on, I went to one of the senior members of our safe house and told him quietly, “They are being systematically murdered. No one is coming to evacuate us, they’re coming to kill us.”

    Understanding that no bus was coming to save us, we left the house and began running down the road, almost in a panic. We paused to let a train go by; it was pulling flatbed cars loaded with what looked like slag and huge lumps of melted down metal objects.

    Snow began to fall, and we kept running….

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