Michael Snyder Tells Crush The Street That Chaos Is Coming In 2017


Michael Snyder was interviewed by Crush The Street this week, and what he revealed was more than just a little bit alarming. Michael talked with Kenneth Ameduri about “fake news”, Turkey invading Syria, Trump and Russia, Trump and China, the Federal Reserve and coming economic chaos. You can check out the full interview right here…

01:00 ‘Fake News’ Meme Propaganda Spreading
03:45 The Internet has Democratized Information
05:00 Is this WW3? Turkey declaring War on Syria
09:45 Trump wants to work with Russia fighting ISIS
13:30 Trade War with China & Asia after Trump in Office?
16:30 Electors may not vote Trump; against will of people
21:00 Jobs, Tariffs, Free Trade, China ripping us off
25:00 Markets pricing in US Economic recovery with Trump
25:50 Trump may get blame for US’ Largest Collapse
29:45 Post-WW2 Boom was due to Europe’s destruciton
31:30 We need fundamnetal changes in FED, Debt
33:40 Get more from Michael Snyder