Michelle Obama to jump in race for president?

Michelle Obama 2016

Washington columnist Edward Klein has reported that Michelle Obama’s plans after her husband’s presidency are big – and they don’t necessarily include her husband.

“For a while, the first lady played with the idea of running for the Illinois Senate seat now occupied by Republican Mark Kirk, who was hobbled by a 2012 stroke and recently fell during a vote on the Senate floor. But she has since all but dismissed this idea,” he reported.

(It was from an Illinois Senate seat that Barack Obama launched his successful bid for the Oval Office.)

But while describing how Michelle Obama “envisions” a future alongside “best friend and confidant Valerie Jarrett,” he said she also “doesn’t want to step down from that luxurious Air Force One lifestyle.”

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  1. I wouldn’t put any stock in anything WND writes. I’ve tracked them over the years and found their stories to be riddled with outright lies and exaggerations.

    This I’ve deduced by going back to their sources and noting that what they said and what the source said are completely different in context so that the comments are not at all what WND says. For example, one time they quoted the Ayatolla talking about current nuclear negotiations and claimed “”Iran’s supreme leader, for the first time, is telling his nation that it must prepare for war and ‘the end of times’ as it continues to develop nuclear weapons.”

    Only thing is that this wasn’t for the first time at all. The quotes used by WND came from a Farsi document that was written decades ago during the Iranian revolution. Well, maybe it was “for the first time” back then, but the article, but they put this in the context of Iran’s current nuclear negotiations: “as it CONTINUES to develop nuclear weapons.” Inserting the Ayaltolla’s comments into that context, as if they were just spoken, seriously distorted and amped up their meaning, and I’ve seen them do that with many stories.) It is unfortunately mostly tabloid journalism by a seemingly Christian organization. Sad.

    In fact, I’ve posted an article about WND here: http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/editors-wnd-worldnetdaily/

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