Minnesota Man Bit Off Girlfriend’s Ear, Beheaded Her Cat

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A Chaska man faces charges of assault, making terroristic threats and mistreating animals after he allegedly beat his girlfriend, bit part of her ear off, threatened to kill her several times, and dismembered her cat in the apartment living room.

Michael Trudeau, 51, is charged with one count of first-degree assault, two counts of terroristic threats and one count of mistreating animals. The charges stem from an incident on Sunday that led to Trudeau being shocked with a stun gun and arrested.

According to a criminal complaint, police officers in Chaska responded that night to the Cedar Creek Apartments on a domestic assault call. When they arrived, officers found a 42-year-old woman covered in blood, shaking and cowering in the corner.

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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Man Bit Off Girlfriend’s Ear, Beheaded Her Cat”

  1. The most dreaded call any police officer has to answer is a domestic in which two people are striving for domination over one another. Usually the woman makes the complaint and at least two or three police officers need to respond to the call.
    This person biting and killing is obviously legally not quite right in the head.
    I am no doctor. Only a court can determine if he is mentally ill or not with the use of testimony from a doctor in this specialty.
    At a guess I would say he is probably mentally handicapped.
    But we also need to know why anyone in their right mind would stay with an individual like this.
    What does she get out of such a relationship?
    I am not qualified to delve into either mind here.
    If it were me, I think I would have shown the man the door, taken away any keys he has, and I would have told him he will not come back. If he does come back he will be shot on sight. Then I would move away to another city and leave as little evidence of where I went as I could.
    I would ask for some kind of witness protection. No one can protect you with legal papers of any kind and that fiction needs to go away.
    The man is a nut. Nuts do not pay any attention to the law until it is physically imposed upon them. No police department has that kind of resources. No woman needs to put up with this behavior from anyone.
    I blame the woman for doing so. I realize she is afraid, very afraid, of what this man might do.
    The only time anyone can get away from this behavior is to face it head on and quit running. This person is a predator. Running from a predator only makes them chase you. I say this after the woman has made every attempt to permanently remove the person from her life.
    ‘My next comment is what actually happens in a lot of these cases.

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