Mitt Romney Will Not Run For President In 2016

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Mitt Romney has officially announced that he will not be running for president. The statement came on a conference call with supporters and reporters Friday morning.

“After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” he said.

Romney says that it is “unlikely” that he’ll change his mind, and he will tell supporters that he is not organizing a PAC, taking donations or hiring a campaign team. The news of his decision was first reported by radio-show host Hugh Hewitt.

In an apparent jab at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is 61, Romney emphasized the need for a fresh face for the GOP.

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1 thought on “Mitt Romney Will Not Run For President In 2016”

  1. Mitt Romney bowing out? It brings up a very interesting question to all of us.
    Who on the Republican side is clean? I do not mean scandal clean, I mean clean enough to win the Presidency. Nothing in their past that is obviously bad for getting people to vote for them.

    Chris Christy, governor of New Jersey might be such a choice.
    How clean is he? What political scandals are in his past that he has so far survived? In other words, what does he stand for?
    Jeb Bush is another potential candidate. When push comes to shove what kind of background does he have as governor of Florida? Is there scandal possibly there?
    Because all candidates of all parties are going to be under intense scrutiny for 2016. It will not be a polite race. Anything and everything in a candidate’s past is open season. I think we need to curb mud racking when it is blatantly not true. The old Hitler addage of repeating untruth until people believe it. So immediate court action against anyone doing so should be open to the public and promptly responded to in a court of law before the election. So that anyone putting obviously false things out there would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    I want time to inspect the potential vice presidential candidates as well. That man is one heart beat away from being President of this country in the event of a disaster. Like 9/11 happened.

    Like Joe Bidden is a scary thought to replace Mr. Obama. Yet the third choice is Speaker of the House if something bad happens. I am not sure I like the Speaker’s past political history very much either.
    Which all comes down to WHO will run and how well will the political process filter out losers before they are offered as candidates?
    But that could be an article for Michael to write. Only a lawyer can keep things so no one is slandered in such an article.

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