Missouri Lieutenant Governor: Arrest Michael Brown’s Stepfather For ‘Burn This B**ch Down’ Comments

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Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has called for the arrest of the stepfather of Ferguson’s Michael Brown, following the emergence of video footage in which he was seen inciting rioters.

Louis Head, was filmed telling angry mobs in Ferguson Monday to “burn this bi**h down,” after the grand jury announced no indictment for the police officer who shot and killed Brown.

What followed was an intense night of rioting and looting, during which several buildings and vehicles were burned by agitators.

Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Kinder was asked “When you hear that soundbite from the stepfather of Michael Brown, what’s your reaction?”

“That he should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot,” the state Republican lawmaker immediately answered.

It also emerged this week that Mr Head is likely a member of the notorious Bloods gang, according to an anonymous police source connected to the Ferguson chief of police. Brown, himself was captured in several pictures flashing gang signs. Although not directly connected to the events that transpired, it certainly gives an idea of the attitude Head and Brown may have had when it comes to law enforcement.

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1 thought on “Missouri Lieutenant Governor: Arrest Michael Brown’s Stepfather For ‘Burn This B**ch Down’ Comments”

  1. I think we are dealing with a grieving parent.

    Anger is a part of the grieving. I sympathize with his need to grieve and his frustration that it is not Justice.

    What needs to be done on both sides of this situation is forgiveness. To grieve is your right.

    Anger and hate turn into battery acid on your insides. You are literally being eaten alive by what really comes too naturally.

    No one is saying that anyone should not grieve. I would. So would most of us if someone in our life was suddenly gone.
    In this world of ours, there is no such thing as justice. Don’t even go there. Because justice for the poor wouldn’t have a majority of people in jail being of one race.
    And that is injustice.
    The same crime and two individuals. One individual is filthy rich and the other cannot even afford a bad attorney. Which one goes to jail?
    Where I came from, the policeman walked the streets on a beat. That policeman was armed with a night stick. He knew everyone in his beat by name. He knew the innocent which he then protected and the bad people.
    Part of this entire situation is the over use of deadly force under any circumstances. That policeman feared for his life and probably with good reason. Because in today’s world, you have the unknown factor of whether or not someone is high on drugs. If they are totally gone on drugs the policeman has no choice in the matter.
    Now in the next ten seconds, determine whether or not that person acting offensively is or is not on drugs . . .
    That is the other side of this very tragic situation.
    You want to change it? I do. But to change it you have to get those drug dealers out of your neighborhood. Get those schools busy teaching kids how to cope with the real world and how to make a living that is both honest and self respecting.You want to change something. Get Co-operative education back in business and teach these children a trade that will give them a decent living. Now that would be mind-boggling and the average lifespan of an average intelligent person would be on raising a family, having your own house, and teaching the kids basic behavior.
    Those dealers out there could not exist without corrupt government officials. Get rid of the corruption. But do it in peaceful assembly and do it by joining together into groups that can achieve that goal.
    I believe that the Rev. King had the right idea and it scared the heck out of the people in charge.

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